August 7, 2012

Melted Crayon Mirror

One of my favorite things about starting school when I was in
elementary school was getting a brand new box of crayons.
Since the new school year is upon us, I am making a craft
with a couple of boxes of new crayons.

There are lots of different crayons out in the stores now
with so many folks shopping for school supplies.

I chose the jumbo crayons with girly colors but if you are
making this for a guy, you could pick more masculine colors.

Because the melted crayons were going to have dimension to
them, I chose a mirror instead of a traditional frame.

I really like those mirrors with the interesting inserts.
I'm thinking of some other projects I could do with some of
those but for this project, I picked the plain mirror on the end.

The main items needed for this project are just crayons
and a mirror...these came from Dollar Tree.

To make the frame of the mirror a little perkier, I
painted it red.

Because the mirror is not huge and I wanted there to be some
 space left that was actually a mirror, I cut the crayons in half.

Take the paper off of the chopped crayons, then hot glue
them along the top of the mirror.

Next, protect the wall (just in case) you are going to be leaning your mirror up against at an angle and get out your hair dryer.

Turn your hairdryer on the hot setting and pass it
along the row of crayons.  Some of the colors melt faster
than others.  You can vary the speed of the dryer and
how close you hold the dryer to the crayons to control the melt.

The colors will mix in interesting ways.

Because I wanted the mirror to still be useful and functional
for brushing hair before leaving for school, I didn't melt the
crayons as much as I could have.  You might like "more melt".
Nana Diana had a good suggestion:  do less crayon melt (I got carried away seeing the process actually work) and this mirror could be useful in
 school locker for a quick check of hair, etc. between classes.

       The main costs for the melted crayon mirror was $3 for
the mirror and two boxes of crayons.  Other items I used that
I already had on hand was red craft paint, a hot glue gun
with glue sticks and a hair dryer.


  1. What a cute, cute idea! If you used even less crayon to melt down it would make a cute mirror for inside a kid's locker- xo Diana

  2. What a cute idea! I can easily see this in a child's room. Have a great day! ~Michelle

  3. How neat! Thanks for the cute ideas, Kitty. I have to share this with mu daughters....Christine

  4. So super cool! I've seen melted crayon projects before, but this is the first time with a mirror. Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

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