July 26, 2014

What Is "Frozen Fun" A Disney World?

When we were planning a recent trip to Disney World in Orlando
we started hearing about activities in the Hollywood Studio
area that are highlighting fun things to do that center on the
megahit animated Disney movie from last year "Frozen". 

The  activities all together are named "Frozen Fun". 
Even if you are not going to Disney World, the pictures and
information in this blog post will give you good ideas on how
 to have "Frozen Fun" where ever you are in the world. 

 If you might have a "Frozen" party in the future 
you could get some tips (later in the post)
 from the Disney folks on how to  stage a "Frozen" party. 

Here are the daily activities: 
-Anna and Elsa's Royal Welcome
-"For The First Time in Forever":
A Frozen Sing-Along Celebration
-Coolest Summer Ever Dance Party
-Frozen Fireworks Spectacular

Also at "Soundstage One" Disney has set up a snow playground,
 a skating rink and a Frozen merchandise store consisting of
-Wandering Oaken Trading Post
-Oaken's Frozen Funland

This is the main street at Hollywood Studios.

Anna and Elsa's Royal Welcome Parade comes up this 
street at 11am. The street comes to a "T" at the Sorcerer's
 Hat Icon Stage.  See the two screens in the photo above
 that say "Frozen" on them? Those are important
 for parade viewing pleasure. 

Disney has cameras shooting the parade all the way down
the street.  The images are put on the large digital screens
so that folks up near the stage can see the parade as it 
starts near the entrance gate.  The folks along the parade
route can see what is happening on the stage when the 
characters get to then end of the parade and come on stage.

We were up near the stage. At first we could only see Anna
in the carriage on the stage screen but as the parade came closer
 and the camera could capture it, we got to see Elsa also. 

Here is a tip on viewing parades at Disney...if you can find a 
person in your group who is willing, have them stake out a 
good spot on the front row of the parade route for all of you
at least an hour ahead of the parade's start time. Give that 
person the stroller, backpacks and other items to put on
 the ground (as if the owner will be back momentarily) to try to 
save the space while the rest of you shop or ride attractions.

Get back to the scout/place holder as soon as possible.
The closer the parade time gets, the harder it is to hold

By the time Royal Welcome parade started, the parade route
 was at least four or five people deep (see photo below).

Here is the view I had of Anna and Elsa as they passed by me.
The parade turns to the left at the end of the street in case you need to know. 

Kristoff's float was accompanied by walking ice cutters 
with axes that did synchronized cutting motions.  
He also had guys on roller blades (that looked like 
little skis) alongside his float. 

Here is a you tube video of the parade (made by someone
else with a better vantage point) if you would like to see it. 

Anna, Elsa and Kristoff come on the stage for a short 
program and a "Let It Go" sing-along at the end of the parade.
(skip the first two minutes of this you tube video if you already watched the parade video)

To get tickets for "For The First Time In Forever: A Frozen
Sing-Along Celebration" you need to stand in line (the line 
opens at 9am) to get seats for a showtime during that day. 
This attraction is not available on Fast Pass. 

Look for the side street in "The Streets of America" section of
Hollywood Studios park that has green umbrellas along a maze 
of wait line ropes.  It is near the Premier Theater where the sing-
along takes place. If you don't get a ticket ahead of time, you
still may be able to get in as a standby if there are any seats 
left after the folks who have tickets get seated.  They have
about four sing-along programs a day.  They are 30-minutes long.

(If you want to do your own sing-alongs at home, you can
find you tube videos like this one with the words on screen.)

The Premier Theater holds about a thousand people.

The emcees for the sing-along are "historians" for Arendelle.
They give a brief history of the kingdom (just in case
 someone in the audience hasn't seen the movie)
and move the story along in between songs.

Not all of the songs from the movie are in the sing-along
but, of course, "Let It Go" is in the show (twice in fact).

Clips of the sing-along version of the movie (which was 
released about two months after the original version) was
played on the large screen on the stage. The lyrics to the
songs were on large screens on either side of the stage. 

Lights, smoke and inflating "icicles" add drama to the song.

The props on the stage can change color to stay in keeping 
with the song being sung.  For example, the inflatables
 become yellow and the trees turn more green  for 
Olaf's big number "In Summer".

Here's my little grand daughter, Lilly, enjoying the show. 

Kristoff, Anna and Elsa characters come on the stage for the
finale to do a live version "Let It Go". Here is a you tube video of 
that portion of the show. 

At the very end of the song Elsa "uses her powers" to make
 it snow in the theatre!  Paper snowflakes fall on the stage. 

After the sing-along we found our way to Oaken's Frozen
Funland at Soundstage One. We had a little trouble finding
 it but now we know it is located on Pixar Place between
"Toy Story Midway Mania" ride and the "Backlot Tour".

At the Funland there is a snow playground, an ice skating
rink, "Frozen" themed treats, and backdrops for photos. 
There was a short line to get in and then a little wait for
Lilly to have her turn on the real snow playground. 

She met "Anna" while waiting in line.

While waiting for the group ahead of them to finish making
snow castles and snow men, (and then for the employees to
rake the snow and stack the shovels, etc.) Lilly and "Anna"
had time to plan what snow building supplies they would
make a bee-line for when the ropes dropped. 

 The kids get about ten minutes on the snow for building. 

Parents are allowed on the snow to help out. 

There are signs near the snow playground that say
"Do Not Eat The Snow".  Yes, please, for many reasons
do not eat the snow. 

Look at these cute twin girl "Elsas" hard at play. 

There is also a skating rink in this building.  Once an hour a
professional skaters preform a number to a "Frozen" song. 
Then visitors can rent skates and have a 30-minute
skate time session on the ice rink for $10. There is not a
charge to go to the snow playground. 

Here are some the the "Frozen" themed goodies available:

Cake Pops

Mickey-shaped coated rice crispy treats

More rice krispy treats made to look like snow balls

The Disney photographers will take pictures with your 
camera even if you do not buy the "Memory Maker" add on
with your Disney ticket.  We did have that feature (since I
decided I wanted some pictures of myself in the group photos
 for a change for this trip).  When we saw the pictures online
later, on some of them were superimposed with the princesses.
Another aspect of "Frozen Fun"!
My husband and I had this great trip with my son, David, his wife, Caroline, and daughter, Lilly .

Wandering Oaken's Trading Post is next door to the ice rink/
show playground.  It has lots of "Frozen" items to buy 
including Anna and Elsa dresses (which have been sold out
for months due to the movie's popularity). 

There is the "Coolest Summer Ever Dance Party" at the 
Sorcerer's Hat Icon Stage with a DJ and live band at 5:30 pm.
It rained the day we were there and I'm not sure if they
had it or not but we did not attend that feature. 

Because we were lucky enough to hear about and purchase
add on tickets to the Frozen Premier Package before they
were all sold out, we did get to go to a great dance and
dessert party.  They moved it inside because of the rain.

If you are having a "Frozen" party, some of these photos 
might give you some ideas for food and decorations.

Even if dessert items were not obviously "Frozen", the party
planners gave the desserts fun movie-related names on cards.

Valley of the Living Rocks Bon-Bons

Elsa's Key Lime Tarts with Glitter
promise me you will use edible glitter if you make these for your party

Grand Pabble Strawberry Shortcake
with Silver Snow Beads
I don't know what "Grand Pabble" is.  Is that in the movie? It is in the little cups with chocolate triangles. 

They also had a large selection of fresh fruit available.

Lilly, now in her new "Anna" costume, has food allergies.
Her wise selection of food was cantaloupe (with chocolate 
syrup and sprinkles added for fun).  The staff also brought
to our table some special food they had for folks with
food allergies (just in case you go and need that option). 

Table Decorations

Cold Drink Station

Hot Drink Station

The cocktail-type tables were covered with blue and 
silver table cloths. Some of the tables were low for the 
little ones.  I snapped this photo of folks I nominate for
"Grandparents of the Year" for eating on their knees so
the little girl is at a table she can reach the top of. 

The party was infused with "Frozen" EDM (Electronic Dance
Music) and the kids had a great time dancing to it. 

To end the "Frozen Fun" day there is the "Frozen
Fireworks Spectacular" at the Sorcers' Hat at 9:45 p.m.

There is also another stage show with Anna and Elsa before 

It had been raining the evening of our day in Hollywood
Studios but it slowed down enough for them to be able
to do the "Frozen Fireworks".
Just in case you are wondering, the "Frozen Fireworks" are in addition to and after the "Fastasmik" fireworks. 

Here is my family enjoying the show. We were up close to
the stage so I only got photos of one side of the fireworks.

Olaf, Anna and Elsa bid us all a fond farewell after the fireworks.

It was a great day of "Frozen Fun" that my grand daughter is 
still talking about. The special activities are only until
September 1, 2014 at Hollywood Studios at Disney World
but by using some of these ideas you can stretch
 your "Frozen Fun" at home into "forever".

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