October 31, 2017

Halloween 2017

Happy Halloween! My decorations for this year have a 
"white on white" look. I have used skeletons mixed in 
with the white pumpkins that I am using for Fall.

Actually the only place I put Halloween-ish things out is in the dining room this year. 
I got a few fake critter skeletons earlier this Fall thinking I would use them in a big
 Halloween display...but that never happened. 

I don't really think of skeletons as gory. Most of them
look like scientific specimens. 

On the dining room table is another skeleton/pumpkin mix.

In the cabinet adjacent to the dining room table are
some fake skulls (and a mummy head) with pumpkins. 

Now we are going to step right outside the front door.
Here is a wreath that combines the white of skeletons
inside and the more orange theme in the front yard.

I have a lot of orange pumpkins in the front yard area.
There are small (artificial) orange pumpkins in the urn
arrangements flanking the front door. 

As the green plants of spring and summer that were in the
 urns fade away, I replace them with artificial orange
 and yellow fall stems. About the only green left in the urns
now is lantana and sweet potato vines. 

The same thing happens at the mail box. Most of the 
morning glories, passion vine and clematis that were once
full and lush and covering the mail box have died back.

Their vines remain and artificial fall stems are woven
into the dead vines (which still have a lot of volume).

Real pumpkins are placed where flowers once grew.
I try to make real greenery (or at least fake) touch the
stems of the pumpkins to make it seem that they grew there. 

Another fake pumpkin patch that I have in the front yard
is in the magnolia tree "island". The sweet potato vine (that
I usually have to replant every year in this area) came back
voluntarily this year and was stronger and more thick
than ever before. I nestled real and fake pumpkins in the
vines to try to make it look like it was their birth place. 

My real pumpkins (that I usually purchase one or two at a 
time at the grocery store) usually last through Thanksgiving.
I found out at a neighborhood gathering that I am now
known as "The Pumpkin Lady" for my fake pumpkin patches.

If you want to see more of the white pumpkins with 
succulents on top (and how to make them) in the 
living room, you can click on Fall Home Tour 2017.

Some years in the past, I have put more effort into
Halloween displays. Click on the colored text below
each picture if you would like to see some of them. 

I hope you get more treats than tricks tonight!

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