December 30, 2011

"Personal Best" Posts of 2011

Sometimes the blog posts that get the most "views" or
the most "comments" are not the ones that I feel the
most sense of accomplishment or expression of
originality from.  I have enjoyed having my blog SO MUCH
these past few months and have gotten great ideas from
other bloggers to "Kopy Kat". 

These are posts that I am most proud of due to taking an
idea from another blogger and adapting it to my life or
coming up with an original idea.
If you would like to see the original post, click on the blue lettering in the list below to be linked to that post.

Number 10
Of course, pennants are all over blogland...they are so darn cute.  This post is about a party that I needed low cost but attractive decorations for.  I based the decorations on pennants but also came up with more ways to use the darling scrapbook paper in decorating for the party itself  and in doing invitations for the party. DIY instructions are included.

Number 9
I was getting discouraged with blogging about five months into it because I was spending lots of time and energy doing blog posts but not getting many "comments".  Then I discovered the "stats" tab on the Blogger totally changed my blog enjoyment. I don't hear much about that "stats" tab from bloggers...they seem to be more concerned with "comments" but this info shows that you are probably getting more "page views"
 than you know about if you are not checking your stats.  The "stats" pages are wonderful.

Number 8
I got the instructions for the solar firefly jars from another blogger so this is a for real "Kopy Kat" project.  I think I like this project so much because I enjoyed these little jars all summer long.  I bought lots more solar lights at end-of-summer sales to do more experimentation on...I'm trying to find an attractive way to diffuse the light.  Look for more solar firefly mason jars in 2012.

Number 7
This blog post started out as a magazine copy cat challenge at Debbie Doos' Blogging and Blabbing and kind of mushroomed from there.  It was my dining room table decoration for Halloween.
There were lots of interesting little features and the colorful bottles were eye-catching.

Number 6
After growing about 40 squares of grass from seed for centerpieces at a charity dinner, I had lots of ideas of how folks could use this very inexpensive source for decorations.  After the dinner, I brought all the grass home and showed differing ways the grass squares could be used. I felt like Bubba in "Forrest Gump" when he was describing all the ways that shrimp could be used.
There is also a DIY on how to grow the grass (including timing, etc.) in this post.

Number 5
This post was certainly not many dressers are out there painted in Annie Sloan's "Old White" Chalk Paint?  Wanting to join the Friday Furniture Party at Miss Mustard Seed's blog
gave me the push I needed to get this dresser finally painted after putting it off for six years so this blog post is special to me.  It's very plain compared to other "Old White" dressers I have seen
on other blogs but it did get a lot of "page views" and is my #3 most viewed post.

Number 4
Wanting to join in on other Fall blog parties got me motivated to decorate my house inside and out this year.  Fall is one of my favorite times of year so I already had plenty of "stuff" in the attic to pull out and display.  I got lots of views from other bloggers on this post and my neighbors all commented on how much they liked the decorations outside. 

Number 3
This is another blog post that was a Debbie Doo's magazine copy cat challenge.  What I love about her idea to have the copy cat blog parties is that it does challenge me to do something I probably would have never done otherwise.  I don't know that my final product looked much like the picture in the Martha Stewart magazine but in the process of trying to achieve the look, I discovered that while appliance spray paint on regular glass does give the appearance of milk glass. 
 Now when I go in thrift stores, I keep my eyes open for items that I could spray for my "milkglass" collection.

Number 2
Other folks may have made starfish out of spray foam but it was a new idea for me.  I called the starfish "whimsical" because they don't have the amazing detail and beauty that a real starfish has.
You can make whole batches of them for just a little money and time.  This post has the details of how I made them to use with my DIY coral.

Number 1
After lusting after the beatiful faux coral in the Pottery Barn summer catalog and knowing I was not going to spend that much money for it, I realized that some of the floral items at Hobby Lobby had similar shapes to coral.  I bought the floral items at 50% off, brought them home and painted them in varying shades of whites.  Some of them got re-configured and stuck into spray foam bases. This post has pictures and descriptions of how I made the coral. I'm planning on adding to my faux coral collection this summer with more attempts at "Kopy Katting" nature.


  1. I love all your beautiful projects, especially the faux coral. Hope to see more of your fabulous creativity in 2012.

  2. I'm not surprised those projects got a lot of hits. I'll be copying your "copies" myself. Thanks for joining me - delighted to have you with me! ~ Maureen

  3. Love all of your projects. I did a white dresser very similar to yours to use as an entertainment center and it is one of my favorite things.

  4. Each and every project is so creative and pretty. My favorite is still the faux coral...Love this! I hope you have a wonderful 2012.

  5. Hi lovely lady.
    I would like to wish you and your family a Happy New Year from my home to your's
    XXOO Diane

  6. Wow, such great stuff, loving the coral and the birds tablescape. Thanks for linking up and I'm looking forward to meeting in person in June! Happy New Year!

  7. You have had a year of fabulous projects! What a great recap post!

    Thank you for being a friend to me and 2805 and for sharing at Potpourri Friday. I wish you a healthy, prosperous and sparkling New Year!

  8. Hi Miss Kitty,
    I loved seeing a recap of your projects. You are one creative lady! I bookmarked your post on growing grass. I am on a golf benefit committee, and your grass centerpieces were so cute. You've got the grass growing down to a science!

  9. you have talent! I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can!

  10. Oh goody, I have more posts to read. I didn't see all of your posts last year and now I'm dying to read your post on your old white dresser.

  11. You are a wonder! I enjoyed each project but especially the faux coral....that was genius!*winks* Vanna

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