January 22, 2012

January Magazine Copy Cat Challenge

I was inspired by an article in
Better Homes and Garden's January 2012 issue to try
to bring the outdoors inside during one of our colder months.

In the article, Tovah Martin
(who has recently written a book on terrariums)
teaches how to make your own terrariums.
She says that they are "the smallest and simplest
gardens you will ever tend".
This is a close-up photo from the magazine of the shot I tried to copy cat...

...and here is my attempt...

...and from another angle.  So much light from the window made the front side of the arrangement
pretty dark in the photos.  There is probably an adjustment for that but I haven't gotten that far yet
in learning how to use my new camera.  I did try the flash but those photos were yucky.

The magazine photo used some "air plants" in the shot.  I compensated for that
in my copy by adding some small plants in tiny pots.

The orchid is a Chaculatum Golden Pacific.  The purple flower in
the dark blue pot is a Primrose in Primula Blue.

The ceramic bird (which was also in the magazine photo)
reminds us that Spring is in the not too distant future.

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  1. You did a great job on your copy cat. Way to go!
    Barb- formerly Barb and Dell Designs

  2. Well this is just fantastic and wonderful pick me up to any cold winter day. You did a great job. Thanks for sharing. My link is up now.

  3. I love them! You did a great job! Can you give us a little instruction on what you used? I can see the dirt and little rocks...anything else?

  4. Oh this is so pretty! I used to make terrariums years ago! You did a beautiful job and I love the little bird. Now you have such a sweet treat to look at everyday, and watch grow.
    Eileen @ Cottage Beach House

  5. Great job on the copy cat! Love your version...the additions and tweaks!!

  6. It turned out fabulous! I think I will copy your copycat. ~ Maureen

  7. GREAT COPY...Miss Kopy Kat. You have earned your name. This is one of my favorite parties in Blog land. I love your take on it-amazing job- xo Diana

  8. I love these! I want a terrarium. Your copy is wonderful!

  9. Great copy! I just love this linky party because there is so much inspiration in it for me. I may have to make myself one of these little gardens! Awesome job!

  10. This is awesome. Looks fantastic and you did a great copy cat. What fun this linky party is. :))

  11. So neat, looks like the magazine photo! I'll be back to see if you tell of what you used for the terriums!

  12. Awesome job!!! Yours is SO pretty!!
    Don't you just love the Copycat Challenge??

  13. Not only do I love your copy cat, I love the look of the terrariums! Great Job!!

  14. I think you did it spot on! Great job.

  15. I love the idea and your great "Copy."

  16. Miss Kopy Kat, you have just lived up to your name! Love your terrariums, especially the one with the bird. I'm going to have to pull my magazine out and see what I can do!

  17. Wow, that looks so pretty and tranquil!

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