May 20, 2013

Pretty Party Poms For Pennies

If your party colors are multi-color pastels, there are inexpensive
packs of tissue paper out there to make party pom poms from but
if you want solid color poms or deeper color poms, the
papers available are harder to find and more expensive. 

As an alternative to tissue paper for party poms, you can use
napkins in your party colors to make party poms from.

These packs of napkins in a dark puple came from Dollar Tree.
There are 20 napkins in a pack of luncheon size napkins and
30 napkins per pack in the cocktail size napkins for (duh) $1.

Since it only takes 7-10 pieces of paper to make a pom, you
can make 2-3 poms per pack of napkins, or just pennies!

To start your party pom poms, unfold and layer same size
7-10 napkins on top of each other.  Line up the edges.

Fold down about 1 inch along the top edge.

Crease the fold with your hand.  Then pleat the same amount
going the other direction accordian-pleat-style all the way
down the remainder of the napkin keeping the folds straight
and as even as possible.

Keeping the folds in place, secure the folds in the center
with a chenille stem, narrow ribbon, twisty tie, etc.

You don't have to cut the ends of the folds but it makes
the pom look more fun.  You can cut in points or rounded.

Spread out the folds.

On both sides of the center, separate the top napkin from the other layers and gently pull it towards the center.

You are less likely to tear the napkin layers if you pull the
layers gently close to the folds and not the edge.
Keep pulling the layers apart.  On the top layers, you need
to pull the layers more towards the center but as the ball 
shape forms, the bottom layers won't have to go
 as much toward the gets easier. 

This pom had 7 layers so it formed more of a half-ball shape.

The cocktail napkin pom had 10 layers and the ends were
cut into a rounded shape.

Since it had a few more layers, it was able to
 have a little more fullness. 

 The napkins are thicker than tissue paper
(which is what most poms are made of) so if you need a
complete ball shape pom, you might need to put two of
these napkin poms back to back.  The thickness of the napkins makes it difficult to have more than 10 layers and still 
be able to pull and fluff the layers at the center point.

Each of these poms cost only 33 pennies!

That is a lot less than you can find them anywhere else.
If you need to complete ball pom (2 of these poms back
 to back) that would only be 66 pennies. 

The luncheon napkin pom (pointy ends) is about 11" across 
and the cocktail napkin pom (rounded ends) is about 8" across.

They have a velvet-y look and deep rich color. 
No one would image that they had their beginnings at
the Dollar Tree!

 By using colorful napkins,it has been much easier for me
 to find pretty colors  for party poms and it is cheaper,
 too, than buying packs of single color tissue papers
 (when I can even find them).
Hope this helps you too!


  1. Wow, I love the deep intensity of your color choice! Magical!

  2. I love how the napkins look as pom poms but the rounded corner ones take on a look of beautiful hydrangeas! Imagine the possibilities will alternating colors of napkins! Your ideas and projects are always so awesome!

  3. Cheers! How pretty and what a clever idea. Who can beat it for a buck. So glad you shared your inspiration with us! With graduations coming up and how costly they are, these are a great addition to any party. Thanks for joining in.

  4. Cute as can be....and so festive for little money. I LOVE IT !! :)

  5. Such a bargain and so darn cute. I can see these beauties in all colors. Thanks for tutorial.....Linda

  6. How fun! I love them both and would have trouble choosing between the pointed tips and rounded. Oh, well, I can just do some of each, like you did. :-)
    His blessings!
    Kim @ Curtain Queen

  7. So so cute, and such a party decoration and at such a price.

  8. Well, I wish I had been that clever when I was at the $Store the other day looking for pretty colored tissue paper to make some pompoms. I settled on some paper that isn't exactly what I wanted, but now I know I don't have to settle! Great idea!

  9. They turned out so pretty, love the color.

  10. Hello Miss Kitty, what a great tutorial to make these fun party poms, and inexpensive! I think this is a great idea for all the patriotic holidays coming up. Thanks for sharing and hope your week is off to a good start.

    The French Hutch

  11. Oh, my lil girl would love to make these.....and for that price I could keep her busy all day! Thanks so much for sharing! Following from Coastal Charms tuesday linkup!

  12. How fun!
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

    Greetings from Singapore...

  13. Perfect idea for those napkins. Your pom poms turned out great!

    Jennifer @ Decorated Chaos

  14. I recently spent a fortune on pom kits for my husband's "milestone" birthday party. They still required quite a bit of time to construct and weren't even as cute as these! My tween daughter saw these and has requested that we make these (in the same color you chose) as a project to do together this summer. Thanks!

    Charlotte at

  15. Love this, they are so pretty. Super tutorial also. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  16. I really like this idea! It also makes them so much studier if you are going to use them outside. They look gorgeous!

  17. Oh my..I love it...I never thought to make pom poms out of napkins...what a fantastic idea...thanks for the easy to follow!!!

  18. Very smarty...

    Happy Thursday.

    Greetings from D´BoX,
    /CC girl

  19. I wanted to tell you thank you for visiting my post about the North Pole Park in Denver. I also wanted to let you know it is at the base of Pikes Peak very close to Garden of the Gods. Have a great day.

  20. Kathy, these are so, so, so pretty and I must I think they look better than tissue poms! What a great idea. I can't wait to make some using napkins from now on! :)


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