December 31, 2013

Favorite Projects of 2013

Looking back on 2013 for the Miss Kopy Kat blog,
here are my favorite projects that were done
(more in chronological order than anything else):
click on highlighted text to go to the actual blog post

For January, one of the coldest months of the year,
 I copied the cute idea of  "Making Sweaters For Your Vases" .
I am looking forward to getting the vase sweaters out again soon.

 My church sponsored a fund-raiser right before Valentine's Day last year.  I made these Soda Can Candy Bouquets for the sale.

 They make fun, inexpensive gifts or even party favors.
The colors can be adapted for certain occasions or holidays too.  

Also around Valentine's Day I made several paper wreaths
that I had been "pinning" the tutorials for.  My favorite one

If you want to see the other wreaths that were also made
of aged book pages, click on "Vintage Valentine Mantle".

Also for Valentine's Day decorations, "lollies" were
made of the aged book pages.

In March, I wanted to do a project that featured 
St. Patrick himself.  I try to change out the artwork in the
frames in the living room and dining room seasonally so
this faux stained glass piece was made for the dining room.

 I accidentally left the memory card out of my camera
 while I was taking photos of the actual making of the
 "stained glass window" (it is just craft paints on an
 acrylic sheet) so I couldn't do a tutorial on that part.
 All I was left with was photos of how to enlarge an 
 image using a great website (also good to know).  The
 title of that blog post is "How To Enlarge An Image".

The post does have good close-up photos of the finished
project.  It was WAY more time-consuming
 than I thought it was going to be but I think
 it was my "personal best" project for the year. 

For my first guest post ever ( over at
Amanda Jane Brown's blog), I developed at wreath
that looks similar to a burlap wreath but is made from
a brownish deco mesh (that holds its shape well)
that is a base for seasonal decorations  to be added
 to for a quick and easy "Wreath For All Seasons" .

The wreath has come in SO handy for me during the year to add 
a few decorations on when I needed/wanted a wreath quickly
or for a few days for a minor holiday. 

In June, I posted "How to Make a Custom Color
Chalk-y Paint".   It shows how an Ikea particle board cabinet
that was a "roadside rescue" piece was revived with layers of
paint made with a "recipe" of easily found supplies so that
 you don't have to have multiple cans of expensive paint to 
achieve a multi-colored piece of furniture.

This piece of furnture also maked a turning point in my year
as I took on the responsibility of moving my elderly parents
to my city and assuming the task of providing their care.
It is a very time-consuming but rewarding job.  

Since I already have a full-time job too, there isn't much
time left for blogging.  About the only post I got done in
 July was "How To Make Beach Bottles".

In looking back at the beach bottle post, the actual craft is
not that unique but the post shows pictures of how I used
other summer home decor items (made in the past two 
summers with highlighted links to the tutorials that are
 more creative) in new ways for the summer of 2013. 

In August I finally got around to actually completing an
idea that I had started in the summer of 2012.  I wanted
to see if flattened and dried cedar branches could be 
painted to look like sea coral.  The branches got dried in
2012 but they didn't get finished till August 2013...almost
missed another summer to post "Make Your Own Seafans".

Although I am no expert with deco mesh, I do like to
try using it in new ways.  One day while I was out shopping
I saw a deco mesh wreath that was made in a way I had
never seen before.  Trying not to be too obvious, I studied
the wreath's construction and then tried to copy the store's
wreath technique in "Make a Deco Mesh Ruffle Wreath".

For Fall decorating this year it was pumpkins, pumpkins 
everywhere.  The unique pumpkins that I bought at the
farmer's market provided the main decorations inside the
house for the whole months of October and November.
To see how they were used click on "Fast Fall Decorating".

A couple of ideas that were begun in the above post and then expanded 
upon later on the outside of the house were "Almost Instant Pumpkin Patch"...

For December my big project was to make new decorations for
 the front of the house.  Departing from tasteful and subdued
 outdoor decor, I went with a fun and whimsical bright green
and red candy theme in "Make Big Candy Decorations".

Other tutorial posts that went into making the new outdoor decorations were

Miss Kopy Kat blog has been a joy to me and a great
creative outlet for the time I can squeeze some projects in.
See the side bar for the most viewed projects (since I 
started the blog).  There are some oldies but goodies there. 

A couple of things that I am looking forward to in 2014 is
the arrival of a new grand baby in April and going to the
 Academy Awards ceremony in March. 

Happy New Year to YOU!!!

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  1. Love all your creative ideas, Gayle. I think my favorites are the beach bottles and the sweater vases! Have a great New Year filled with many crafty ideas!

  2. What a beautiful collection of fun and decorative posts! I especially love the Christmas Home Tour ideas!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Wishing you a happy 2014!


  3. It's always a joy reading what you've created during the year. They are so festive and inspiring! Looks like you're off to a wonderful start for 2014 with a new grandbaby and going to the Academy Awards. Wish I could be a hitchhiker of some sort (didn't want to say fly on the wall) to see all of the fabulous happenings. Be sure to do a post on it after you've come down from the clouds.

  4. Oh wow, you already are gonna have a GREAT NYear's with a grand coming to the family and yes, going to the academy, wow! I can't wait to see and hear all about it in your posts! Thanks for sharing this great collection and lovely posts. Thank you for your sweet and kind visit.

  5. You really had some great ideas here, Gayle. I can't wait to see what you come up with this next year. Blessings to you and your family in 2014. xo Diana

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