March 8, 2014

Flowers At The 2014 Oscars

 Spring flowers were in abundance at the 2014 Oscars!

Even if spring flowers are not blooming at your home
yet (the cold just seems to be lingering so long this year)
they were brought in from around the world to decorate
spaces at the Academy Awards this year. 

We all know that you have to the showers to bring the
flowers and the days leading up to the Oscars were full
of showers this year in Hollywood. 

The organizers of the Oscars used miles of plastic and
many tents to try to keep the iconic statues and red
carpet dry for the big event on March 2, 2014. 
In the photo above you can see that despite valiant efforts, rain is coming in on the red carpet near the door.
The black risers show designated camera positions for the press from around the world for the red carpet. 

This bridge is a prime area for camera angles.  If the tents
could not have been taken down, we would not have seen some
 of the best views of the red carpet arrivals due to the tents. 

The florists from Mark's Garden were also very busy the 
day before the awards show arranging flowers that had
been months in the planning.

Here's an idea to borrow that shows how the florists
hid the mechanics holding up the masses of flowers.

After the decision was made on the evening before the
Oscars to take down the tents and plastic, workers toiled
through the night to have the red carpet arrival area 
 ready for the star's arrivals. 

Another area full of gorgeous flowers by Mark's Garden
was the press rooms.  One press room is mainly for press
photographers to get good photos of the award winners. 
Photo From Mark's Garden

The flowers are arranged into three sections on the stage
 because the winners stand in front of each section for
 photos so that the photographers on the sides of the 
risers can also get good frontal photos.
Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images North America

Video by Rueters photographer Mario Anzuoni

The other press room is mainly for interviews.
  It was decorated similarly to the photo press room. 

After the awards show comes the Governor's Ball.
It was also decorated by Mark Held of Mark's Garden.
Here is a video of Mark (who has been the Oscar florist

To make things a little different this year,
 he used a theme of hanging gardens. 

This photo shows one of the hanging garden pieces being
 prepared at his shop before coming to the ball. 
Photo by Mark's Garden

Photo by Mark's Garden

Photo by Mark's Garden

 Also instead of flowers on top of the cocktail tables,
 flowers were arranged underneath the glass tops.

I had the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go the 
Academy Awards this year!  My daughter and I got to
borrow exquisite flower-themed jewelry by

If you watched the Oscars or saw coverage of it later,
you probably saw the selfie photo by Ellen Degeneres and
some of the celebrities there.  I found out that you can 
together...looks like I was right there with them!
(not really but that's the fun of inserting yourself
in's campy). 
Hope that Spring flowers are coming your way soon
if they are not already there!

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  1. Thanks for the behind the scene info on the beautiful flowers at the Oscars. Both you and your daughter look absolutely fabulous! And you look like you had just walked the red carpet, too! So lovely and how exciting it must have been!

  2. How very exciting, Gayle. You look as pretty as any movie star there! What gorgeous flowers and what fun to be backstage. Don't you love it!?! xo Diana

  3. What an exciting experience for you and your daughter, Gayle! You look as beautiful as a movie star! Thanks for showing us some of the behind the scenes at the Academy Awards.

  4. Oh gracious! How exciting! I can't imagine - you look LOVELY! Thanks for sharing your insider knowledge with us. :)

  5. Hi Gayle, How exciting for you and your daughter! You look beautiful and I love the gown.

  6. I always wonder what they do with the beautiful leftover flowers?

  7. WOW, HOW EXCITING FOR THE BOTH OF YOU BEAUTIFUL LADIES!!! Thank you so much for sharing this event with us! Well, like even in weddings, I feel bad for the flowers after any event! You look gorgeous and so is your dress, like any movie star, my friend!


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