April 19, 2014

How To Make A Chandelier Wreath

When I was looking on the internet on how to make a 
wreath on a chandelier (so I could copy one that I had 
seen at a store), all I could find was how to make a 
wreath into a chandelier.  I already have a chandy...
I just wanted to embellish it. 
I didn't realize how cock-eyed the shades were till I saw this picture. 

Here's how I put a wreath ON a 
chandy in case you want to try it too!

My chandy is one that I painted and added stuff to to try
to make it look like an Italian chandy...couldn't afford

At first I thought I would gather vines and add them
 to the chandy (to add a base for and a place to attach
  flowers) but I opted to buy a pre-made  grapevine wreath.
I wasn't sure if the 18" or 24" would be better so I got both.

The 24" one worked better on my size chandy. 

To get the wreath around the arms of the chandy, I knew 
that I needed to cut it.  A hand saw did not work well.
Cutting each of the vines on the wreath at one place
 on the wreath with garden clippers worked better. 

The shades on the chandy were removed so the cut vine
wreath could be stretched out at the opening and slipped
 onto the lower arms of the chandy more easily.  

After the cut ends of the wreath came back together in
a circle, they stayed without being wired back together.
Another wreath, another chandy might need wire to
keep the ends together. 

Some stems of spring flowers came down out of the attic
(some of them never used before).

Most of what I had was long-stemmed flowers but you
can used shorter stems also and push then into the grapevine.

The long stems had to be curved by bending slightly to
follow the curve of the wreath and chandy.

Floral wire also came in handy to help some stems and 
flowers to stay where I wanted them. 

A lot of the spring stems that I had on hand were dogwoods.
Real dogwood trees are in full bloom now here in Alabama.
Wild dogwood trees look like little white clouds in the woods.

The individual blooms are so detailed.
Their four petals form the shape of a cross.
The indentations at the end of each petal look like
blood-tinged nail holes.  The spike-y center reminds
us of a crown of thorns that Jesus wore. 

I just kept adding faux floral stems until it looked like enough.

It looks pretty even at night.

I did add a few wild vines to add some personality.

If you already have some faux florals that you could use,
the only cost (about $7) is for the grapevine wreath.
It took about an hour to put together.

The chandelier wreath floats above an Easter vignette
on the dining room table for now. 

In the future I could see the faux flowers coming off
the grapevine wreath and summer starfish and shells
replacing them for Summer.  Then autumn leaves
could take the chandelier wreath into the Fall season.
(Update...the wreath was taken down for Summer but
Fall leaves and berries were added for Autumn.)
I hope you have a blessed Easter Sunday!


  1. OMG!...THIS IS GORGEOUS AND QUIET EASY! I think one can keep this wreath on he chandy all year round with Little changes for certain holidays as C'mas! I love it!
    Happy Easter.

  2. Beautiful!! Love the idea!1 thanks so much for sharing!!


  3. Very pretty and oh so original! Score another brilliant idea!

  4. Gorgeous! I'm glad I came across your blog. So many lovely ideas here. Thank you Miss Kitty


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