March 22, 2015

Growing & Using Real Grass in Decorating

Two weeks until Easter! Time enough to grow your own
real grass to use in an Easter basket or for decorations.

In truth, real grass decorations are great year-round and
always are a hit as home decor or party centerpieces. 

Here are some of Miss Kopy Kat's best posts on how to 
grow and use real is fun AND inexpensive!

Click on the blue highlighted text to take you to the blog
post that goes into detail to give you tips for 
successful grass growing and ways to use the grass. 

This blog post has lots of different ideas of how to 
grow and use real grass for centerpieces and home decor. 

This post shows you examples of wheat grass and rye grass
so you can decide which kind you would rather have in your 
home decor or party decorations. 

This blog post has pictures from a party for a retirement
party for a male doctor that uses grass grown in galvanized
containers. It was perfect as the grass was not too "girly" as
flowers might have been for table decorations. 

Pushing Up Daisies
Did you know that you can push hardy flowers such as
daisies into the grass you have grown and they stay fresh
for over 12 hours? This post shows you examples of that. 

Do you cringe when you look back on your early blog posts?
This was my very first blog post. It was about the grass that
I grew for my daughter's wedding reception centerpieces. 
Oh well, everyone has to start somewhere. 
It has good information, just not very good pictures
(except for the photographer's photos).

Growing Grass for Decorating
A co-worker passed along this great idea for economical 
wedding reception centerpieces to me...growing grass and 
putting it in fancy silver bowls. I have been hooked ever 
since and even expanded on the original idea. 

I hope the information in the above posts will help you
in growing grass for your home decor or when you 
have a party to decorate for on a budget .


  1. Gayle, I have always been going to do this but never did (yet). What a sweet idea. Perfect for Easter. Hope you had a wonderful day-xo Diana

  2. I did this a few years ago and it was fun and easy! For some reason, I haven't done it since which is a shame because it really makes an impact.

    I think almost everyone cringes when they look at their first blog posts. Heck, I cringe when I look at last week's! :)

  3. Gayle, Great idea and I especially love the grass with the daisies.

  4. Thanks for the tips and for sharing this at Snickerdoodle! I think I'll use them in my planter boxes, and I'm also featuring them at this week's party! :)

  5. Love the grass and daisies, and in a silver bowl too...fancy and oh so pretty!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  6. This has been on my list to do forever and you have inspired me to get going on this...I so love the look!...and love both grasses but I am leaning more toward the wheat grass look....Have a most wonderful weekend and Happy Easter!

  7. What clever ways Gayle! I love them all. Hope you had a great Easter.

  8. I love wheat grass in arrangements!
    Love the mantel arrangements.
    <3 <3 <3

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