March 11, 2016

Easy Versatile Spring Wreath

This Spring wreath is very easy to make and can be adapted in
so many ways in just a few minutes after you get the base made.

To make the base wreath, you will need a grapevine wreath
form (readily available in craft stores) and the most
 real-looking artificial greenery that you can afford. In my 
opinion, the best greenery for this wreath is the type that
is specifically made as greenery...not attached to flowers. 

You can use one type of greenery or mix different types of
greenery. To get the most greenery for your money a "bush"
form of greenery or a garland of greenery is the best buy.
Of course, use a coupon if available for the store to help 
with the cost also.  Use a wire cutter to cut the stems from
 the bush or garland leaving as much stem as possible. 

Push the stems into the grapevine wreath. If the stems are 
short and won't stay in the vines, you can add glue to the
end of the stems to attach them permanently. If you use
glue on the stems, let the wreath lie flat until the glue dries. 

Make the wreath as full of greenery as you like.

The wreath is beautiful and classy all by itself.

If you want to add embellishments to the wreath after you get
 the base made, it is easy to attach them on top of the greenery.

For Saint Patrick's Day artificial shamrocks were pushed
 into the grapevine wreath just like the original greenery was.

 A cross (from Jo Ann's last year I think) was tied on the top
of the wreath with fishing line. I like to use fishing line to 
attach items to wreaths because it becomes almost invisible.

Artificial Spring flowers can also be added to the wreath.
The greenery on these daffodils did not look real to me so I cut it off of the flowers before adding it to the wreath.

The daffodil's wire stems were cut into clumps and the
wire stems were pushed into the grapevine wreath.

For Easter all kinds of cute embellishments can be added.
These carrots are from Michael's (on sale they were only about $1 each).

The stems on the carrots were pushed through the greenery
 into the grapevines and a bow added with thin wire. 

A look that can take your wreath from Spring and on into
Summer is adding your initial to the greenery wreath.

Right now, I have the Saint Patrick's Day version of the 
wreath on my front door.  Want to see the Saint Pat's 
decorations beyond the front door? Come on in... my dining room just inside the front door I've put
out decorations I have made in the past few years. 

On the dining room table are the green bottles that I made
toppers for that (are supposed to ) look like soldered 
bottles. The bottle toppers have shamrocks.

If you want to make your own faux soldered bottles
you can click on this link for the instructions.

This cute little plaque (from Jo Ann's) was attached to
the scale to tie it in more to the St. Patrick's theme. 

A table runner can also helps to emphasize whatever theme
or holiday you are decorating for. Here's how to make a 
no-sew table runner easily...
1. Purchase fabric that goes with your theme that will
be as long as you want your runner to be.
Cut the fabric the width that you want the runner 
to be plus enough to fold under hems on either side.

2. Iron a hem along the long sides of your fabric.
 Starch helps hold the folded hem in place.

3. Fold the ends into a point. Iron and starch into place.
After ironing the point use clear tape to keep it in place.

4. Enjoy! For more details on making table runners 

This year I put the Irish Blessings/Wishes in the 
glass-front cabinet behind the dining room table. 

I love that the cabinet has old wavy glass in it but it is hard
to take good photos through the glass. I'm going to open
the doors for you so you can read the papers and feel blessed.

Some of the Irish blessings/wishes were printed on scrapbook
papers that look old-ish and some were printed on papers
that were aged at home with tea or coffee. 

You can download these blessings/wishes and print
them out for yourself by clicking on this post. 

Moving visually around the room to the left... will see the faux stained glass with a depiction 
of Saint Patrick. 

He was made with stained glass paints on a sheet of 
acrylic from the craft store. Click here if you want to
see how he was made. 

Since I change out the images in the frame seasonally,
St. Patrick lives most of the year attached to a piece 
of foam core to keep the acrylic from bending. Then he is
 put in the frame with painter's tape this time of year. 

To give a touch of St. Patrick's Day to the living room
I just added a few purchased items to the display that 
was already there. 

I keep the framed chicken wire out all year and change 
what is on it seasonally. Right now they have the
 fake wood signs on them.

The kitchen table has shamrocks (left over from making the
wreath) in green glass bottles and a funny saying I saw
on a plastic cup and made into a printable. 

I'm going to enjoy changing out my new versatile wreath
this Spring and Summer...I hope you will make one too!


  1. Once again, you have given us a treasure trove of ideas and inspiration.
    Everything looks lovely!
    Enjoyed visiting,
    White Spray Paint

  2. It all looks so elegant, Gayle! And thanks for showing us how to make a greenery wreath! It's so versatile and can be used most of the year just by switching out different themes.

  3. I love your green wreath! We're taking off for a few weeks and when we return home to Michigan, I'm putting out our springy flowers I made for our front door last year. Spring is slowly coming to our home state.

  4. Love your versatile wreath, and perfect for this spring when all the holidays are so close together! Love all your green bottles and Irish sayings too! Happy St. Patrick's Day Kitty!

  5. I'm cracking up at the kilt quote! Love the scales on the table, too. Love it all!

  6. What a terrific tutorial on that fabulous wreath - I like how you've decorated it for each occasion! And inside your home...terrific soldered bottles and the St Patrick's stained-glass picture is great and how perfect that you can remove it for other seasonal pics. Lots of lovely ideas here! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

  7. Beautiful photo's and wonderful tutorial's. Love all of your ideas. I will be pinning several things. Have a wonderful St. Patrick's Day.

  8. I just love this idea for re-using the same wreath for different holidays in spring. It's exactly what I need! Love the rest of your decor, too. Thanks for sharing. :)

  9. Love the wreaths...very pretty and you make it look so easy to make them. I also like the collection of bottles used as a centerpiece on your dining room table.
    Visiting from Cuisine Kathleen.
    Happy Saint Patrick's Day♣

  10. Love the wreaths and all your pretty decor! The St. Patrick stained glass is amazing! Thanks for joining in the Annual Blog Crawl! Happy Easter!


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