August 4, 2011

up to 90% Off!

I'm using the "up to 90% Off" in the title because not everything in the post is 90% off.  I'm sure you have seen ads for sales for businesses that say "up to...(a percent off)" and then only a few things are really that much reduced but it gets you in the store anyway.  I'm using that tactic to get you to come look at the things I bought at Hobby Lobby recently.  Some ARE 90% off but some are just 50% off but I thought everything I got was a good deal.

First, I will show you the 90% off.  

These baskets remind me of the handmade baskets I have seen in Charleson (Sweetgrass Baskets), and New England (Nantucket Baskets).  Very tight weaving and sturdy.

The small one was $0.59 and the larger ones were $1.39.  The larger ones  had some type of macrame-ish hangers on them.  I cut them off because I thought it cheapened them. 
No matter where they were made, the workmanship is very nice.

I didn't even realize the top to this little urn was broken off until I started to take a picture of it.
I guess that's why it was marked down so much.

From $17.99 to $1.79

I got a small wooden finial to put on top of it as a replacement. 
Wood Putty was needed to make the broken part even so that the new appendage would not be crooked. 

Needs a bit more color correction but otherwise, good as new. 

I guess the colors on this candle holder got it marked down so much.

The sale price is pretty small.  So that you don't have to squint, I will tell you it was marked  $29.99 and now it is only $3.

After a couple of coats of Annie Sloan
Chalk Paint in "Old White", she looks more refined.
I didn't have time to finish her up completely right now so I'm showing her with her new cousins.  They were also 90% off at Hobby Lobby last year and got a paint job when I got them home.  Originally, the middle sections on the candle holders were pink ceramic.  The pink got painted over in an off white then crackled and antiqued. 

She will probably get a similar finish so they could "party" together if needed.

This next item was 80% off.  I think it was marked down because it's purpose is not clear.  It looks kinda like a bait box to me.  With a kitchen whisk on top.  Was something "lost in translation" when 
they made this in China?
I was attracted to it by the wire sides.   It was marked down from $25 to $5.

After I tried it tried it in different scenarios, I decided I would use it more without the top (with the whisk on it) so I took it off. 
Most normal people would have just thrown the top in the garbage but I put it in the Goodwill box thinking that some crafty person will see it there someday and think of a good purpose for it. 

Also 80% off are these wire baskets.
Down from $14.99 to $3.50 each.  The sign is coming off and they are going to be "dirtied up".

Honestly, I don't know how Hobby Lobby stays in business they offer so many things 50% off on a regular basis.  The remainder of the items in this post were in that 50% off category. 
Cute little bottles that ended up being about $1 each

A metal candle holder marked down to $4.  It has that urban chic/industrial feel to me. 

Even though this only ended up being about $2.50, I think I overpaid for it.  It's not very well made but I was seduced by the wire on the sides. 

Wire baskets, two sizes, large ended up being $4, small one was $3. 

More wire baskets, large $4, small $3.  Are you sensing a theme (obsession) here? 

Please do not call the "Hoarders" show on me.  I WILL use all these one day.

The now-topless bait box, the wimpy basket, and the white baskets got at spray paint coat of "Dark Bronze". 

To add some more color variation on them, I dry-brushed on some of these colors of craft paint.
Assorted browns: Raw Umber, Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna, etc. Some of these are craft paints have an expiration date? 

Now the  guys are similar in color but not too match-y match-y.

All these items will probably show up in future blog posts.  You can say that you "knew them when". 


  1. Wow! I don't understand how they stay in business either...must be in the volume of sales. I love all your goodies, especially the baskets and those little bottles. I wish we had Hobby Lobby out here, but maybe it's a good thing we don't:-)

  2. It's volume and huge markups. Thanks for the heads up. It's been a while sine I've been to HL since I'm not venturing out very much in this heat.

    The improvments to you thrifty finds make them even better!

  3. I Love me HOBLOB!! I have not been in awhile though. You got some terrific finds. I always love when they have their big discounts! Thanx for stopping by and sharing!

  4. Great finds, great prices and great re-dos! I've only been to Hobby Lobby once, guess I better try it again!

  5. Wow, what wonderful them all!!

  6. Oh my gosh! What great finds! I don't have a Hobby Lobby anywhere near me :(

  7. I adore those little wire baskets! I have plans on cross stitch some cute little pillows as Christmas gifts and was wanting to put them in some old-fashioned looking wire baskets. Those would be perfect! Might have to make a run to HobLob this weekend.

    Thanks thank so much for stopping by my blog! I am still attempting so work with the crackle medium. I have a frame I am trying to work on and I will try your tip.


  8. Really great finds and love how you redid some of them! Sure wish they had one here I think after seeing your post I'd be there once a week!

  9. I don't get out to HL often but when I do I head straight for that deep markdown section. I had best hope you were not there before me!

  10. I love the wire baskets!!! Those are adorable. You got some great buys. :)

    Thanks so much for joining my Weekend Bloggy Reading party (and for linking back-I appreciate that!). :)

  11. Thanks for the reminder about Hobby Lobby today-- their sales are awesome!!!

    Nice finds, BTW :)

    Visiting from Funky Junk Interiors Linky Party,

    With smiles from NW Illinois,

  12. I love, love, love Hobby Lobby's 80% and 90% off sales. I always find great stuff. I have even done some early Christmas shopping already with gifts from these specials. I have a post about a Hobby Lobby shopping trip on my blog, also. Great finds!

  13. What great finds!!! I must get myself over to HB and see what I can find. I know I've found some cool stuff in their clearance aisle before, but not as nice as your stuff. Newest follower.

  14. Good finds, you can never go wrong with hobby lobby clearance!!


  15. I love the little jar with the elephant!

  16. You have so many great finds favorites are all those wire baskets and the bottles.


  17. I loved all your thrifty finds. I can't believe how low some of them were marked down. $0.59 for that basket?! What a steal! Thanks so much for linking up to Thrifty Thursday!

  18. No matter what I'm going to Hobby Lobby for, I always head for the 90% off aisle FIRST! I love all of your finds!

  19. I am in Love with your finds. My girlfriend and I are planning a trip soon. Yes, our Hobby Lobby is in another state and far enough away that we have to plan. Thanks for sharing!


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