August 25, 2011

Needy For Linky Help

I adore the "You Might Also Like" Linky tool on blogs.

I have not been a blogger very long so it helps me by seeing past posts that bloggers I am visiting have done that I missed seeing.

It's great on my own blog to direct folks to other posts I have done that might be of interest to them. The linky tool has increased viewership of my past posts dramatically.

(The "stats" tab on the dashboard of Blogger blogs lets you know this kind of infomation. If you don't know about the "stats" tab,
"you might also" want to see my post about it.)

So, while I am grateful for the free (for now) Linky tool
"You Might Also Like", I don't like that the photo it often "grabs"
from the post, is the "button" of a blog party. 

I have tried not adding the buttons until I have "published" the
post at least once without the buttons but later the tool seems to go back and grab a button.

"Googling" the issue did not help either.

Link With-in company said to write them with any problems so I did (a least a month ago) but I did not recieve a response about how to change a picture in "You Might Also Like".

I have resorted to not putting the party buttons in the post and just having the link. This has fixed the "problem" but I think the hostesses would rather have their party button included.

I really do appreciate the blog party hostesses and I want to put their buttons in my post. 
I wish there was a way to have the blog party button
AND be able to select or change what picture 
the Linky tool selects.   

I'm tripped up over this.  Is there a fix?

I am linking to
"A Nest For All Seasons" Tripped Up Thursday Blog Party

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  1. Miss Kitty - You SERIOUSLY write the best tripped up seriously seriously! I have often wondered this too and it bugs me as well. I wish you could pick your "main" photo from each post (like you do for a linky or facebook post) and it would keep cycling...maybe if enough people email them? I hope someone knows the answer!!!

    ...and I for one truly appreciate you linking up to my party button or no...your posts are just SOO SOOOO good girl!


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