May 18, 2012

Table Runners Add Pizazz

Table runners can add so much personality to
a table for (depending on your fabric choice)
a very reasonable cost.

Here are a few examples from Pinterest:
 Jesi Hack Design on Design Sponge

Recently, I helped a friend of mine decorate the tables
at her daughter's wedding reception.  To get a pop of color
for not too much money, I made table runners out of
material similar to the color of the bridesmaid dresses.

So that we could possibly use them again for other parties,
I made them 108" long...that would even work on
an 8 foot long table in the future.  Since the fabric the
bride and her mother chose was 54" wide, when it was
cut into three sections, the resulting width was 18" wide.

Not that you would have to but we did add a point
to the end of the runner.  I was too lazy to measure
but just pulled the two corners together until
there was a straight line, hand pressed a
crease along the fold and then cut along the crease.

Then I ironed in and sewed a hem along all. 27. of. them.
(If you don't sew, you could use a product like
Stitch Witchery to turn under a hem or don't
hem them at all!)

It was a lot of work, but I think the end result
was worth it.  The bride's family rented cream colored
cloths to cover the reception tables then we
placed the runners on top of those.
There were 7 tables on the other side of the room also.

The food table was actually three tables pushed
together to make one long run of tables.

In keeping with the idea of making the runners to
be used again, we just used 3 of the 108" runners butted
 up against each other instead of making one long one .

When all the food was on the table, it
was not noticable that there were actually three runners.

Here is one of the runners on the guest book table:
There were several generations of family wedding photos on this table.

We ended up with a couple extra runners so we
criss crossed them on the bride and groom cake tables.

I was surpised how creased the table cloths were from the rental company but I didn't say
 anything...what could you do at that point a few hours before the wedding?

Also trying to keep the table centerpieces at a reasonable
cost, we hunted around for inexpensive elements to
mimick a look the bride had seen on Pinterest.

The mom found dark brown framed mirrors for less
than $10 each. We had had a "paint party" to prime the
frames white then dry brush them with two other shades
of off white paint colors.  Then they were sanded down
to make them have a time-worn look.

In the months leading up to the wedding, we kept our
eyes open for clear glass vases to place on the mirrors.
Most of them were around $1 and came from Old Time
Pottery, Dollar Tree, WalMart, and Target.  We put
seven vases (all different on each mirror) on each table.

I also kept on alert for vintage-y looking elements on
sale in the jewelry section of craft stores to add to
the tallest vase in each arrangement with a navy ribbon.

Just in case you are interested, here is a
breakdown of the table top costs:

Runner... $8 
(material $8/yard...bought 3 yards for each 3 runners)
Mirror... $10
7 Vases...$7
7 stems of flowers...$7
4 votive candles w/holder...$4
Jewelry Charm w/ribbon...$2

Everything (with the exception of the flowers) can be re-used/repurposed.
You don't have to save the idea of colorful
table runners for a party!  Use them at your house
too for a fun, seasonal change of pace. 
You can make them the length and width you need.
 They can be made from lots of different
types of materials but if the runner will possibly
get spills on it, choose a washable fabric. 


  1. Wow! Those made a huge impact in the overall look! I love the crossed pair under the wedding cakes. And the centerpieces with the variety of vases on the mirror, just gorgeous!

  2. The runners really made the tables. The crossed ones on the cake tables is a big "wow" factor.The centerpieces looked much more costly. You are a very dear friend to put so much hard work into these.

  3. Great job on everything. You are a really good friend! The centerpieces are perfect and they look substantial with the mirrors under the bottles. I am a fan of table runners anyway so of course I love that look too. I thought I was in the wrong place when I first got here. The new blog design is fabulous!

  4. Great job & very creative!!! I plan to use your idea very soon to change up my Dining room table decor! Blessings!

  5. Those turned out amazing! Twenty-seven is a lot to make, but it looks like it was worth it. Nice job!

    I'm your newest follower!

  6. Kitty, Wow! With the pop of color from the runners the buffet table is awesome. I love how the guest book table looks with the runner. A huge difference in the look using these. A great tutorial. This would be easy for anyone to follow. Got to say how much I love the new look on the blog. GORGEOUS! I love those "Kats" What a great design.

    The French Hutch

  7. Those look fabulous, you did a great job!!

    Hope you have a wonderful week!

    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  8. Everything you did is so impressive! Great tutorial on the runners. I love the framed mirrors and how you made them have a time-worn look. Great finds for the vases. The cost breakdown is amazing. I look forward to learning more from you. Your friend is very blessed to have such great help from her friends and all of you had fun doing it. I am sure you will repurpose everything and outdo yourselves again.

    So nice meeting you.

  9. The tables turned out beautifully! Love the runners and how you pulled together the centerpieces. I'll be featuring this post on Vintage Inspiration today! thanks for linking up!

  10. Wow!What a lovely post and an excellent tutorial. I love these runners and how they add a pop of the embossed look of the purple fabric!The framed mirror with the the flowers make a beautiful centerpiece and I like the paint finish of the frame. The buffet and cake tables with the runners are looking absolutely beautiful! Lovely post!Thanks for letting us take a peek and for your sweet encouraging note.Have a lovely evening!Hugs,Poppy

  11. love your blog! I hopped over from No Minimalist Here's blogpost on you. Can't wait to come back and really look around.

  12. Very pretty! The runners and centerpieces are wonderful. I just featured you at my new series, DIY Hall Of Fame. Check it out.

  13. Lovely runners and so simple to make. The centerpieces are gorgeous. Everything is picture perfect.

  14. Just stopped by to say "hi"---Sherry from No Minimalist Here sent me over. Love your runners!

  15. What a beautiful set up!! Wanted to send you congrats on being in Sherry's DIY Hall OF Fame!:)

  16. What a good friend you are! I can imagine just how much work went into these pretty runners. They add so much pizzaz to the tables. Thanks for the DYI!

  17. What beautiful tables and the runners make all the difference. I do miss you at the copy cat, but totally understand! Hope to see you next month.

  18. So sweet looking tables! I have started making my own napkins so I get the fabric I want.I may have to try my hand at runners!

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