May 3, 2012

Custom Blog Design Give Away

"Miss Kopy Kat" blog is getting close to 400 followers,
 having 100,000 page views, and a new blog look .
(Update: New blog design up now)

To celebrate and thank my blog followers, I am giving away a custom blog design package by "The Cutest Blog On The Block"
to one follower who would like a blog make-over too.

The give away if for "The Essentials Package" for Blogger
which includes a custom background, matching header, and
a custom column template.  If the winner would like more custom
elements, they can purchase "extras".   Also, the winner will need
to agree to TCBOTB terms of use   (which, the only one I could imagine
 anyone having issue with is that their small logo has to stay on your blog background as long as
you are using their can even move it where you want.)

You can even pick the designer you think would most
"fit" the look you would like for your blog by looking
at TCBOTB portfolio of designs they have done for others.
I am purchasing "The Essentials Package" not only in
appreciation of my followers but also for how nice everyone
I had contact with at TCBOTB was to work with.

Please leave a comment below (one per person, please)
if you would like to be entered in the give away for a
custom blog design by "The Cutest Blog On The Block".
I will have the random number generator pick a number
(your number will be the number of your comment)
on Thursday, May 11th and announce the winner then.

Update: the Random Number Generator picked #2
to be the winner of the blog design make over.
That would be Rondell of the
Something Nice and Pretty blog....congratulations!



  1. What a great giveaway! I would love a blog designer to help me out! Thank you!


  2. I'd so love to win this, keeping my fingers crossed:)

  3. Winning this blog design giveaway would
    put a BIG smile on my face.. thank you so
    much for the opportunity!

  4. Oh wow! I'd love to be including in your giveaway.

    Dee :)

  5. I think your new blog design is awesome! I cannot enter your contest because I have a WordPress blog which I had redesigned a few months ago. But good luck with your giveaway!

  6. I would love a new blog design.
    I love that you brought back all of the kitty kats! so cute!
    Tami @ Curb Alert

  7. That's right!
    Glad you joined us today at the "Cowgirl Up!" link party. :)

  8. Happy Me!!! I'm thrilled! What a great Mother's Day gift to me! I've always wanted to do this and now I can♥ Thanks so much!



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