December 22, 2012

Santa Spiral Deco Mesh Wreath

A friend of mine showed me a wreath that she really liked
that she had seen on Pinterest.  It was a curly/spiral deco 
mesh wreath with a Santa belt across the middle and 
"Ho Ho Ho" in letters across the top.

I had made a curly deco mesh in Fall colors.
(For a tutorial on how to make this wreath, see

 After I took it down to put up Christmas decorations,
 I realized that it had really gotten faded after
 being in the hot afternoon sun for about two months.

In that faded condition, I would probably not use it anymore.
I wondered if the deco mesh could be spray painted a red
color and re-made into a Santa wreath for my friend.
"Nothing ventured, nothing gained". 

After one can of red spray paint the wreath looked like this:

After another can of spray paint had been added, it looked
acceptable.  (I probably should had tried a third can but I 
was running out of time.)  Even though I had used a glossy
spray paint, the wreath color was flat.  The different colors of
mesh also absorbed the paint differently.  To sparkle it up and
to hopefully unify the colors, I sprayed it with adhesive and
sprinkled on red glitter.

Lightweight wooden letters from the craft store
were painted black.

I added more sparkle with black glitter on the letters.

A "belt" made of black deco mesh (like the Pinterest
wreath had) was attempted.

I folded the 21" wide black deco mesh longways
 into fourths and hot glued it together.  
I probably should have used regular glue for this part
because hot glue and deco mesh are a recipe for 
getting blisters on your fingers (but again, the time thing).
of craft foam was much easier..see directions here.
I did go back to the craft foam for the belt buckle.

The Pinterest picture had a silver belt buckle so I added
silver glitter to the foam shape by brushing it with foam
glue then sprinkling the glitter on.

The glittered parts of the wreath look look much better 
in person.  Is there a trick for getting glitter to "glitter"
more in photographs?

Because there aren't flat surfaces on the spiral deco mesh
wreath, it's tricky to get the letters to stick.

I just globbed on some hot glue onto the backs of the letters
one at a time, pressed them down lightly until the glue dried,
and that seemed to work OK.

The belt got threaded through the buckle.
The ends of the belt were gathered up in a pipe cleaner
then attached to the back of the wire frame.

You can see from this picture that I did not even 
try to spray the back of the wreath red.

To give the wreath a trial run (and see if anything fell off),
it was tried out on my front door.

The new supplies for re-making this wreath were two cans of
spray paint, two containers of glitter, a roll of black deco mesh
and the wooden letters.

Of course, if you want a Santa deco mesh wreath from
scratch, buy the already red deco mesh. 

The original wreath used a 16" wire frame and four rolls
of deco mesh.  The costs for a sprial/curly wreath will 
vary depending on how much you have to spend on
 the deco mesh.  I have gotten it for as little as $5 a roll
(on sale at Hobby Lobby) and also have spent $12 a 
roll at a specialty store for a particular color I needed. 

Deco mesh is sometimes hard to find locally.  An internet
site that looks like it has a good selection at reasonable

In the end, my friend and her children were thrilled with
the "new" Santa wreath at their house this Christmas.


  1. Love the way this turned out! AC Moore has a sign by their deco mesh stating it can be sprayed painted (using the spray paint for floral arrangements that they carry) Thought you did a fabulous job in repurposing your fall wreath! So glad to see your posts! Missed you!

  2. This is so darn cute...I love it and it is different. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  3. Um okay.
    That's just awesome!!!!!!!!

  4. A-"door"-!!!

    Merry Christmas!!! May your celebration e filled with joy and blessings!!!

  5. So cute! You think of it all.
    Hope your Christmas was merry and your new year will be filled with happiness and blessings.


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