January 7, 2013

Angels Watching Over Me

Usually, projects take me longer to complete than I think
they are going to, however I think God sent his angels to
help me get this last Christmas project of 2012 done in time.

My self-imposed deadline for "No More Christmas Crafting
and/or Decorating" was getting close and I still had an art
print of shells (from summer decorations) looking over 
Baby Jesus in the manger.
photo from this past summer

Originally I had plans to make large angel wings to be in the 
space over the buffet where I put the manger figures.
Then I decided I only had time to make angel wings big
enough to go in the frame already there and bought
all the supplies that I needed for that.  

I have found that a 3-sided project board with the sides 
taped down makes a sturdy backing for prints, etc. and
it fits in that white frame.  I had the board and had 
purchased a roll of bulletin board paper that I thought was
just wood grain to cover the board in and build the wings on.

Then I started running late to even get that done.
I was trying to think of an alternative and got an
inspiration to use a paper mache' silver angel that I
got on sale several years ago because she had a crack
in her waist and one of her legs.  

She has never been the center of attention in decorations.
Last year I meant to hang her up but she ended up just
laying on her stomach on the bookcase in the dining room.
This year she would be flying over the manger scene!

Tom Kat (who usually can be kind of grumble-y to help with 
decorating) even got in on helping to get the project finished.
We unrolled the paper and realized that it was not just a 
wood grain but paper that looked like boards in a stable!
He helped me wrap the board Christmas present style.
"Many hands make light work".

I was thinking of gluing the angel on the board but Tom Kat 
encouraged me to suspend her from the hanger that she 
already had behind her shoulders.  Thankfully, there were
holes in the top of the moulding around the frame that
we could thread some fishing line from to hold her up.

She looked like she was really flying!

The last time I had been in Michael's I had bought
a window cling that said, "Such a big miracle in such a 
little child" mainly because it was pretty and it was on sale.
I didn't have any certain place I was thinking of using it.
It fit in the frame like it was "meant" to be there when we
needed a little something more in the frame than just the angel.

We have really enjoyed this decoration and marveled 
how quickly and easily it seemed to come together.
Thank you, Lord....I needed that. 

This has been convicting for me to write this post.
I realize that many times in my life, just like leaving 
what should have been the most special  and first 
Christmas decoration to be completed for last, 
I put Jesus behind other things that I get busy doing. 

 Hopefully, in 2013 I will remember this lesson 
and not give God just the leftovers 
of my time and energies. 
"He will put His angels in charge of you to
protect you in all your ways." Psalm 91:11

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  1. Gayle- THAT is just beautiful! I really LOVE it- What a perfect place for the angel. Your whole nativity scene is gorgeous~ xo Diana

  2. Absolutely stunning! What a great use for a window cling! So pretty!

  3. Your nativity and angel are so beautiful.

  4. Beautiful, Gayle! The wood style paper looks wonderful and the window cling really adds to the beauty. xx, Sherry

  5. The angel is really beautiful, Gayle. She looks wonderful hanging over the manger scene.

  6. I can't belive that was paper! It looks like real old wood...It was ment to be! and your angel is perfect!

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