January 9, 2013

My Favorite Project of 2012

is having a link party with the theme 
"Your Favorite Project from 2012".

Even though I have already done a blog post 
of my favorites, I actually DO have one project from 
the past year that was extra special to me. 

My elderly mother had gotten sick and was put in a rehab
facility the first week of August 2012.  As is the case with many
older couples, when Mom was not in the home, my somewhat
confused Daddy got even more confused in her absence.

Someone in the family had to be with him all the time.
None of us children live in the same town they do so we
would all take turns going to be with Daddy and, of course,
go see Mom in the rehab facility.  

I've never been a prolific blogger but I hardly got to 
do any blog posts that month.  I was trying to think of a 
blog project that I could do at my parent's house that 
would not make a big mess. 

 I had done a regular deco mesh wreath back in the spring.
 For an "away from home project" I decided to try
  the mesh used in a new way I had seen at a floral outlet.

Instead of the mesh being used in a continuous fashion 
around the perimeter of the wreath form, the curly (or 
some call it "spiral") wreath uses short pieces of mesh.
The pieces are easy to roll up into tubes.

Then you put more tubes together...

...and attach them to the wreath form.

This turned out to be a great project to work on at night when
 Daddy and I had gone home from visiting at the rehab facility.
Only, the wreath turned out to be lots bigger than 
an ordinary wreath.  Those fluffy spirals are wild!

From the backside, the wreath looks like a crazy tutu.

My parents don't have internet at their house, so I took pictures
of the wreath and went with my laptop to a nearby McDonald's
on 8/30 to use the wifi there to do my blog post about the wreath.

Mom got worse, and had to be transferred to a hospital
to have surgery.  Only got to do 3 blog posts in September
and then none in October and November. My parents 
were, of course, more important than blogging. 

But guess what?!  The curly deco mesh wreath got popular
on Pinterest and I had more page views on my blog than
ever before...even with me doing hardly any posts!

Mom got better and came home from the hospital.
The wreath, however, was pretty faded after being in
the hot Alabama sun for 3 months. I didn't know 
what I was going to do with this huge autumn wreath 
that was past its prime (and past its season too).

Then a friend of mine showed me a picture from Pinterest of a
wreath that she really liked.  It was a Santa curly/spiral deco
 mesh wreath.  Hmmm...I wondered if the faded wreath could
be spray painted red and given a new life as a Santa belly.

You can see the journey the Fall wreath took to become
a well-loved Christmas wreath at someone else's home in

I really do enjoy having a blog and especially all of the 
wonderful folks all over the world that I have connected
 with through blogging.  While numbers of page views is not
my primary motivation, it is gratifying to have people look
at projects I have done.  The Spiral/Curly Deco Mesh Wreath
not only sustained my blog this past year when I was away
helping my parents, but continues to be a popular post. 

Come share YOUR favorite post from 2012
at The CSI Project's blog party too. The party starts 
at 2 a.m. EST (!) on Thursday, January 10.
 I don't think you have to re-blog about the project like I did.
I just wanted to share why that post was special to me. 


  1. Wowowowow-That looks really, really great. It is very different and I like it a lot. I have never worked with that mesh but I will one of these days. I really liked your Spring wreath, too. xo Diana

  2. Cute cute cute!! I love how you recycled it to make that super cute Santa one!

  3. I remember seeing both of these wreaths. I can see why they are so popular.

  4. You made some fantastic wreaths in 2012! Happy 2013 and best wishes to you.

  5. Thanks so much for the tutorial!! I will have to give this a try!!


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