March 17, 2013

Clothing Tips For St. Patrick's Day

Tip #1
Be sure to wear some green on St. Patrick's Day 
so that you will not get pinched.

Tip #2
Check the length of your kilt before 
leaving the house.

Update: Several folks have asked for a printable of
this quote. I do my printables so that they can look good
even if you do not have a color printer.  The color (if
you want some) is provided by you in the form of scrapbook
paper or even having your kids draw a border on white 
paper after it is printed out (well maybe not this quote).

Here is the kilt quote in a size that fits a 8" x 10" frame:
 To download for printing on your computer, hover your
computer's mouse over the quote and click on the "right"
sided button. A menu list will come up. A list of options
of how you want to download it to your computer should
come up. I download usually "Save As". This image was
made as a jpg. in Pic Monkey (as if it were a picture) so 
however you save pictures to your computer should work.

Here is the printable in a size that fits a 5" x 7" frame:
If you figure out how to run your paper back through the
printer (without copying over the original printing) you
can get two printables this size from one sheet of paper. 
(Don't leave the paper 12" long to run it through the copier like I throws the second printing off).

You may already have some paper that you can use to print
the kilt saying on. I bought a couple of green sheets of 
scrapbook paper at Michael's (usually less than $1 each).
These actually were on sale for 25 cents each...much less than a color cartridge for my printer. 

Cut the paper to a 8.5" by 11" size to run through the printer.

What follows is how I print out downloads. Your screen/computer may be different.
Get your downloaded image up on your computer screen.
Click on the "file" tab. When the dropdown menu appears,
click on the "print" option (mine is the 7th one down the list).

If you are printing the largest version of the saying (8"x10")

choose to have the "full page photo" on the page.

If you are printing the smaller version (5"x7") you can choose
either the 5x7 or the 4x6 versions. I usually choose the 4x6 even
if I am putting the saying in a 5x7 frame because it gives more
of a border around the saying. The screen gives you a preview
of how the saying will print on the page. 
I am just now noticing that this has the option of more than one copy per page! Live and learn. 
I have been running the paper through the printer twice to get two copies per page (and not always correctly!).

Here is how the larger format saying looks as it comes off
of the printer. 

I keep the paper a 8.5"x11" size until it finishes printing so that
it will not slip around in the printer.  After it has printed, cut
the paper to fit inside of a frame if you want to. You can skip
this step if you want to just put the saying on the refrigerator
or up on a bulletin board at work. 

One way you can easily decide where to trim the 
printed scrapbook down to fit in your frame is to take the
original (happy family) photo that came with the frame, 
hold it and the printed saying up to a bright window and
trace around with a pencil where the best borders would
be to cut the paper in order to fit neatly in the frame.

Or you can take the glass out of the frame and draw a line
around the best placement for the wording to be in the frame.
Cut along a little inside the line for this method. 

Here are the framed kilt sayings...

Be planning for your St. Patrick's Day outfit now!


  1. Thanks for the tips for St. Patrick's Day. Especially the second one. LOL

  2. LOL- You are just a wee bit naughty, aren't you?;>) xo Diana

  3. Cute post! The little Irish girl is adorable and that sign is a hoot!


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