March 20, 2013

Secrets Of A Great Easter Table

What a treat for my crochet group to go to one of our member's
home for our regular meeting and to be greeted with such 
wonderful tables decorated beautifully for Easter. 
Lisa had two tables set for us full of Easter decorating ideas. 

Earlier in the week, she had sent us a very cute email about
the gathering.  Here it is printed out and displayed:

Since I was bringing the dinner, I arrived early to set up the
food and got to take some pictures of the tables before they
actually got put into use.  Here is the kitchen table:

Adorable, right?  Let's analyze how Lisa sets such a great table
that gives such a "Wow" factor when you see it so we can  
learn her secrets. 

See how she used three different chargers?  That layering gives
such an opulent look.  The colors are neutral enough that she uses
them several times during the year but adds the cute salad plate
to top everything off to tie it in the the current holiday/season.

She evens layers her napkins here:

She used these pretty coral napkins in the kitchen and in the
dining room.  Although they look handmade and even a little
vintage-ish she got these and several other items on the 
tables at World Market just this year.  We could copy that!

Her cute ceramic bunny is nested in raffia and faux gerber
daisies...a good way to add a base to an item for a centerpiece. 

The dining room table was set with some of the same items
as the kitchen table and had even more ideas/secrets for
setting an impressive holiday table.

She used glass goblets filled with green crinkle paper
to elevate and make a cute display for small Easter items.

We actually used other goblets for our sweet iced tea at dinner.

Again, Lisa used layers to add visual interest to the table.
Here she used a green leaf-shaped place mat under the 
iridescent charger (I think that is from Hobby Lobby).

This table also has the cute coral napkins.

Lisa said that she plans on using them for other occasions
like bridal luncheons, Mother's Day, etc. too.

The cute bunny napkin ring makes them seems like they are
special just for Easter...another tablesetting tip/secret.

These wonderful sisal bunnies are widely available this year
at places like Pier One, World Market, Hobby Lobby, etc.
I didn't want to be TOO nosy and asking Lisa where she
got every item on the table.  

She did tell me that the ribbon-looking shred was from World
 Market in a endless cutting of ribbon to copy this look.

Also in the dining room, this buffet table holds another
fun Easter display.

Lisa painted this thorny branch white to use for Easter.

The opposite end of the dining room leads through the pretty
living room to the foyer...

...and the cute burlap door hanging on the nearby front 
door that her daughter made for Easter. 

Another Easter vignette in Lisa's kitchen is a treasured 
family memory.  Lisa's pastor has a special sermon that he
speaks about at Easter that tells the the cross is Jesus' 
measure of love for us.  He uses a yard stick made into a
cross as a visual aid to emphasize this point.

Lisa mentioned to her husband that she would like a cross like
that.  Her husband mentioned it to the pastor and he gave them
the cross he used in the sermon along with a personal letter.
I think Lisa added the bow.

The birds look like they are going to start snacking on the
 caramelized onion spread appetizer that Peggy brought.
  Here is what else we had for dinner:  sliced ham, 

I tried to make the bunny rolls that I saw on Pinterest.
Oh well, at least they tasted good.

Some ladies actually crocheted after dinner.  I had missed
several of the meetings recently so I mostly talked and
caught up with what was going on in my dear friends lives.

Well, I have to show you Lisa's guest powder room too...
it has nothing to do with Easter but it is just great.

She has framed special family momentos for this room.
Fun bathroom reading for sure.

The tallest frame you see holds some of the letters that 
her children (now grown)wrote to the Tooth Fairy.

In case you can't read it, it says
"Dear toothfairy, I hit my tooth when I was little.
Now it is dead but I do not have a cavity. So don't think that.
So you will still give me money."

Here is another one:

"Dear tooth Fary, Will you give me money.
But let me keep my tooth. logan
ps. Your the greatest
PSS. I lost two teeth today"

Fun family trip thank you letters from their children:

This is a poem that one of their girls wrote in elementary school.
It is a Thanksgiving poem.  The girl was trying to think of a word
that rhymed with "much" towards the end of the poem.
You can see where she tried several words but kept erasing
them.  Finally she put "and such and such".
 I have now decided to use the term "and such and such" 
 whenever I am having a "senior moment" and cannot think of 
the word or phrase that I am trying to come up with. 

The idea of framing and displaying letters from children,etc.
is a great idea for those of us who have those letters in storage
to get them out.  Also, for mothers who still have little ones
to save those precious notes to hold dear in your heart (and
on your walls) later. 

Thank you, Lisa, for taking all the time to decorate your 
pretty tables for our crochet made the night
very special for us!

I don't have any affiliation with any sources mentioned...just passing along places
that you could use if you wanted these items also. 

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  1. Lots of cuteness for sure! that is so funny about the bunny rolls on Pinterest, when I saw those I said. Nah, mine would never turn out! Ha! Sometimes I wonder...I think the powder room was my favorite inspiration of all! Thanks,

  2. Both of her tables are adorable!!! Love all her bunnies and decorations. The framed letters and notes is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!! I may have to go on a fishing expedition:) XO, Pinky

  3. What a beautiful home! Love both of the table settings, those little bunny napkin rings are soooo cute!!

  4. What fantastic Easter decorations! Those bunny napkin rings are too cute! Life to the full, Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

  5. I think that is one of the cutest Easter tables I have ever seen. It is just darling! I love the curly ribbon in the tree.

    I LOVE those framed writings in her powder room. Aren't those the cutest things? xo Diana

  6. Love the beautiful Easter tablescapes and decorations. I adore the guest bathroom. Thanks for sharing that because I am inspired to do this in our guest bath. How neat!

  7. I love that thin ribbon! Now, I'm thinking I might get that look with some rolls of curly ribbon I have.

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  9. How fun to go to your crochet party and be able to eat at tables decorated like that! So many fantastic details. I liked seeing the other interesting items around Lisa's home like the measure-stick cross (good visual there!) and the framed momento's in the BR (fun!) I'm visiting as your linky neighbour at WOW.


  10. What a beautiful Spring/Easter tablescape. Do creative with the extra details. I love the bunny plates and napkin rings, and the napkins are lovely. Of course the centerpiece is awesome! I love the egg tree on the sideboard. I’m sure all enjoyed this meeting. Oh, I love the way Lisa framed her children’s art. I have all of my little art work stashed away. After seeing this I have an idea!

    Thanks Kitty, fabulous post.
    The French Hutch

  11. What a great friend you are to try making those bunny rolls for your groups dinner, my results wouldn't have been any better than yours. Thanks for a good chuckle. Lisa's table is just darling, thanks for sharing with us. Have a great weekend.

  12. Thanks foe sharing these wonderful tablescapes and ideas. Lovew those cute letters in the bathroom.

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  15. What a fabulously done Easter display at Lisa's home. YOu must have been delighted!
    Thanks for sharing her Easter cross and note.. her bathroom is gorgeous too!
    Happy EAster!

  16. What gorgeous displays for Easter...what a nice surprise for your crochet group...(wish I could crochet) many sentimental touches throughout her beautiful home....thanks for sharing!

    Happy Easter!!

  17. Your table is really pretty and I wish you a blessed Easter.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  18. The Easter table is wonderful, each touch adds beauty to the overall picture. I especially love those little birds in top hats. The raffia sets the center piece off so nicely.

  19. Beautiful! Love the dishes, napkins and those sweet bunny napkin rings!

  20. Beautiful table. Great napkin rings. But, I LOVE the powder room. It's giving me some great ideas!

    It's wonderful to have you be a part of Seasonal Sundays!

    - The Tablescaper

  21. Oh my gosh Easter at your house was fun! Your table is adorable. Next year, I am coming to your house:)


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