November 9, 2013

Make A Christmas Mesh Wreath

how to make a deco mesh wreath

This is pushing the Christmas season a bit since it is 
only early November but if you want to make your 
own Christmas decorations, you need to shop now for
your supplies before the colors you want are sold out.

Plus, everything to make this particular wreath is 50% 
off at Hobby Lobby now.  Of course, you may want 
different colors or embellishments but this is what is
needed to make the above pictured wreath:
deco mesh wreaths
(Except for the ribbon)

The rolls of deco mesh are 21" wide.  The non-metallic mesh
 rolls at Hobby Lobby are regularly $10/roll.  
how much does deco mesh cost

Hobby Lobby also has metallic mesh too but it is
$16/roll...I went with the cheaper.  HL's selection of
Christmas deco mesh has really expanded this year. 

They are also selling the work wreaths that are easy to
attach the deco mesh to.  I have not used an official
"work wreath" in the past due to the cost and color
availabilty but these work wreaths (16") were a good price
at only $7 ($3.50 on sale) and the right color and size. 
If you want a different size or color, you can make your
what is a work wreath

The work wreath has a  card attached with a short
 version of how to make a wreath with the form:
deco mesh wreath instructions

That's it in a nutshell.
Then there's my long version:

Open out the wires on the work wreath to be like open arms
waiting to catch hold of the gathered mesh.
mesh wreath frame

Leave a "tail" of mesh of about 6"-8" and then gather the mesh
across it's width.  When gathering the 21" mesh I think it is 
 easier to do more of an accordian pleat across keeping it
pinched in your fingers as you go.
how to gather mesh

how to make deco mesh gather

Placed the pinch/gather/pleat on top of one of the wires.
how to put deco mesh on wreath

Twist the arms of the tinsel wire tightly to hold the gather.
putting mesh on wreath

The tinsel "arms" are about 6" apart on the wreath form 
 but you are going to move  down the roll about 
8"-9" and make another gather like the first.
deco mesh poufs

Attach your second pinched mesh point on the next tinsel
arm set down the wreath's wire.
DIY deco mesh wreath

Because the length of the mesh is longer than the space
between the tinsel arms, the mesh will make a pouf.
If the pouf is larger than you like, just make the amount
of mesh that you move down the roll shorter.

Go around the outer wire making the same size poufs.
When you get back to your starting point attach a pouf
on top of the original tinsel arms and twist them again.
make your own deco mesh wreath

If you only want the red on the outside ring, you can cut 
it now (leaving a tail to tuck behind).

If you are going to put another row of red (or whatever color
you are using) in the inner ring, do not cut it.
Just make another pouf and move up to the inner ring.
should you cut mesh between

Attach the same size poufs along the inner ring. 
deco mesh instructions

When you get all the way around cut the mesh
leaving a 6"-8" tail. Pull the tail to the back of the wreath
and tuck it the backside of a pouf.  Usually the cut edge of
the mesh ravels a little and the raggy edge sticks to other mesh.
one color deco mesh wreath

If you only want one color or layer of mesh you can 
 go ahead and attach your embellishments.

Just to give you an idea, this is what the wired edge ribbon
would look like on the one layer of mesh:
add ribbon to mesh wreath

If you are going to add more embellishments like 
ornaments, etc. you may only need/want one layer.

This bright green is going to be the main color of my outside
decorations this year so I added a layer of that color too.
To add a second color all you have to do is go around 
the wreath form again making poufs and attaching them
on top of the first layer of mesh by twisting the original 
tinsel arms.  They are long enough to hold several layers.
how to add second color to mesh wreath

Here is the wreath with the green mesh on the outer ring:
two color mesh wreath

Jump to the inner ring (without cutting the mesh)
and go around it too add green on top of red. 
christmas mesh wreath

For the most part I was very happy with the pre-made deco
mesh work wreath .  There were certain places where I 
wanted to have an attachment point but there were no tinsel
arms.  To fix this, I just added some red pipe cleaners ( left
over from another project) to the wreath form by twisting
them onto the wire.
how to tie down ends of mesh

how to tie down ends on mesh wreath

When you have finished with the green (or whatever second
color you are using) cut the mesh leaving a tail. 
Pull them to the back side of the wreath.
how to hide tails on mesh wreath

If you tails misbehave and won't just tuck into the backside
of a pouf and act like a bad hairlick...
how to finish off mesh wreath

...use a pipe cleaner (or even a twisty tie) and attach it
to the backside of the wire wreath form to hold it down.
what to do with tail of mesh wreath

Here is the wreath from the side:
side view of deco mesh wreath

The main embellishment for this wreath is the wired ribbon.
It is easy to use in a similar fashion to the mesh in that you
can attach it to the wreath with the tinsel arms too.
add ribbon to deco mesh wreath

Since I am only using this ribbon on the wreath, I zig-zagged
it between the inner and outer rings of the wreath form. 
how to add ribbon to mesh wreath

If you want a ribbon attachment point to "land" somewhere
on the wreath where there is not a set of tinsel arms, just add
 a pipe cleaner in the shape of a "V" to the wire from the back.
Twist it to hold it in place on the wreath's wire.

Work your way around the wreath with the ribbon.
I left a tail at the beginning and end of the ribbon to 
attach a bow.  You could just make tails onto your 
bow and use a pipe cleaner to attach the bow with
tails to the wreath. 

I'm so spoiled by wired edge ribbon being so inexpensive now
that I hardly ever buy any ribbon that is NOT wired.  
This roll of 30' (10 yards) was only $5 on sale.  
It makes a huge difference in making your bows look good.
what kind of ribbon for deco mesh wreath

Here's how I make might have a 
technique that you like better. 
Leave a ribbon "tail" as long as you would like and then
pinch the ribbon.  Make a loop and pinch it to the back
of your first pinch.
DIY ribbon bow

Give the ribbon a twist at this point then make another loop
the same size (these are about 3.5") on the other side.
Keep the "good" side of the ribbon facing you by twisting
it at the pinch point as you make more loops.
how to make wired ribbon bow

I thought that three loops on each side of this bow looked fine
 ( and I was hoping to use just half a roll of ribbon for this wreath.) 
At this point you could use a pipe cleaner or floral wire
to twist onto the bow in the middle to hold everything
together and also use it to attach the bow to the wreath.

I had tied the tails of the ribbon running around the wreath
into a knot ON the wreath's wire where I want the bow to be.
The middle of the bow was just tied on top of the knotted
ribbon tails.  
how to add bow to mesh wreath

Pull the tail ribbons that are attached to the wreath 
form really tightly to hold your pinched and 
twisted ribbons together in the middle. 
Make another knot on top of the first one. 

"Fluff" up the ribbon loops so they won't be flat looking. 

Cut the ends of the now four tails either on a diagonal or,
my favorite way, into "fish tails".  To make fish tails
fold the end of the ribbon in half.  This way when you cut
the ribbon, both sides are symmetrical.
how to make fish tail cut

While the ribbon is folded cut it at a diagonal.
ribbon end cut

fish tail ribbon

In addition to this being the first time I have used a real work
wreath, another product that Hobby Lobby had in the Christmas mesh aisle that I have never used before is the deco flex tubing.
flex tubing

My high hopes for it giving the wreath a finishing touch were
dashed when it looked kind of wimpy being wound around 
the wreath in a similar way the ribbon was.  
flex tubing

I was about to give up on it except that the wreath really
needed  a little something else and I did not want to go in 
the attic and start digging through Christmas ornaments.
See that hole?
how to hide holes in mesh wreath

A quick "google" revealed that I was not using it the right way.
You are supposed to loop the tubing into bow-like shapes
and then attach them to the wreath with the tinsel arms too.
mesh tubing

how to use deco tubing ribbon

After attaching the flex tube bow, pull the loops forward.
ways to use deco flex tubing ribbon

So cute!  The perfect fix to add a little something-something.
ways to use flex tubing

To add the flex tube bows to areas on the wreath that don't
have the tinsel arms, you can use a pipe cleaner to secure
the middle and add it on the wreath's wire.  While you are 
at it, use the pipe cleaner to wrap the bottom of the bow
to make the loops stand up.
using deco tubing ribbon

mesh wreath embellishments

You can even stack different colors together.
two color flex tube

mesh tubing

Ummm...I think I might have added too many loopy bows
 but I was so happy trying out the new trick I had learned.
flex tubing bows

You could even add more items to the wreath if 
you want to but that's good for me. 
how to make deco mesh wreath

christmas wreath ideas

red and green mesh wreath

ribbon and tubing on mesh wreath

ribbon on wreath

Actually, I am planning on making five more of these to go
on the windows on the front of my house so I was hoping
that I could make two wreaths out of each "batch" of supplies.

You might want to know how far the supplies to too.

There was half a roll left on both the red and green mesh
so that works out perfectly.
how many rolls of mesh for wreath

There is enough flex tube to do enough loops for another
wreath I think (but I'm not measuring that).
how far does flex tubing go

There was only 10' left on the roll of ribbon.
I really wanted longer tails anyway so I need to just get
a whole roll per wreath.  That's is the main 
embellishment of the wreath and it was only $5 (on sale).
how much ribbon for deco mesh wreath

Here is the cost per wreath with Hobby Lobby products:
wreath form $7
1/2 roll red mesh $5
1/2 roll green mesh $5
1/2 bag red flex tubing $3
1/2 bag green flex tubing $3
roll of wired ribbon $10

So $33 per wreath if purchased full price BUT if you can
catch the products on sale or use coupons it would cost
less than $20. The finished wreath is 22" across. 
  I think the wreath is a lot of bang for the buck!

 More and more stores are now carrying mesh products
 so they are eaiser to find than they have been in the past. 
If you have not made a deco mesh wreath before 
but have thought about it, Christmas is the
 perfect  time to give it a "go". 

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