November 12, 2013

Pumpkin Pile Up

The pumpkins by the front door for the Halloween decorations
had been sitting on the grass (which is not so good for the grass).

The Halloween kitties got put away in the attic and the
 pumpkins got moved to the base of the urns after October 31st.
It looked nice/OK on the front porch like that.
Then I saw Rhoda's (from the blog Southern Hospitality)
picture of a huge pumpkin pile at the Country Living Fair
in Stone Mountain, Georgia.

That photo made me start thinking that it wouldn't take
too many more pumpkins on my porch for me to make
a mini-pile-o-pumpkins in front of the urns.  
A call went out in Kopy Kat Kottage for all faux pumpkins
to report to the front porch (except you guys...
...I like you too much just where you are).

Even faux pumpkins still in the attic that had been
 deemed as too crummy to use this year, got brought into
the daylight and had some paint slapped on them.
When I was emptying out a canvas bag holding a mess
of faux pumkins onto the ground, a family of roaches got
dumped out too.  I had been wondering what was happening
with some of my faux pumpkins having their finish just 
disappear leaving only I think I know why.
The standards for being in the pumpkin piles were very low.
Even if the roaches had eaten some of your finish away,
as long as it didn't show in the pile, you qualified.

The real (and therefore heavy) pumpkins formed the base
around the urns.  The contents of the urns are some hardy summer zinnias and mandevilla growing up iron obelisks.
The bright green sweet potato plants were added in 
September.  Assorted faux Fall leaves and flowers have
 been gradually added on top of the live plants. 
Some weather-resistant objects from the attic were utilized to
help serve as support for the other tiers of pumpkins.

After seeing the finished product in these photos,
 (things I didn't notice in "real life") there are some
 changes that I would make  in how they were
 stacked but with only a couple of weeks before 
Thanksgiving, they are going to stay "as is". 

Here is a view of the pumpkin piles from the mailbox:
baby pumpkins added to it also (leftovers from the piles).
Some more faux Fall leaves have been added to the
mailbox too. 

The real flowers down at the mailbox have loved the 
cooler (as is "not scorching" summer) weather and have
actually revived and started blooming again.
Hopefully we won't have too windy of weather in the next
 couple of weeks 'cause not all the faux pumpkins and
 gourds are wired down.  The neighbors might be 
seeing me chasing plastic/foam pumpkins down the street.

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  1. Wow! Your copy looks terrific and original! I'm next to you on Marty's party and am glad I dropped by.

  2. I love the way your pumpkin piles look as well as those pretty topiaries!! So pretty!

  3. Great idea and eye-catching. It is VERY windy in south Alabama today. Good luck with the stacks.

  4. I was at the Country Living Fair and I love your "pumpkin" pile up so much better…they are beautiful and I am pinning and FB'ing!….great job!!

  5. Now that is Southern Living worthy! Looks great! The patch by the mailbox is pretty, too!

  6. Wow, wow, wow Now that is one terrific scene. Every detail is over the top.

  7. You are something else, I LOVE IT!!~Hey can you email me when you get a sec? Thanks.

  8. Your pumpkin piles are very creative and pretty. I like the ones by the mailbox too.

  9. I love how you arranged the pumpkins--what a gorgeous home too!
    Dee :)

  10. Oh I love, love, love this. You home looks so beautiful. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, marty

  11. oh my gosh, this is so amazing. I love the mailbox area as well. so smart to stack using the upside down urn.

  12. oh my, this is over the top fabulous! I love love love pumpkins, one can never have too many! The piles are awesome and what you have going on in the pots is unbelieveably cute!! Your neighbors are so lucky to have such a gorgeous yard to enjoy!

  13. I like you copy much better than the original! Seriously, it looks amazing. That's a lot of pumpkins!


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