October 14, 2014

Gourds In Glass...A Modern Fall Centerpiece

Have you ever had a project that took a totally different direction
than the one you first intended?  This Fall centerpiece for my 
dining room table seemed to have a mind of its own but I am 
enjoying the more modern look than I originally envisioned. 

In a recent magazine I saw an article about doing small vase
arrangements within larger vases.  That was my original idea
to copy (sorry I looked but can't find the article right now).

After the large vases and apothecary jars came out of the attic
and were waiting to be used on the dining room table, they 
got used on the carport floor as temporary holder/protectors
of some gourds from the farmer's market.  I really liked the 
look of the gourds in the vases.

The glass of the vases seemed to make the gourds more special
 and elevated their status almost into works of art. The look 
reminded me of how objects look more wonderful under a cloche. 

I had not intended on using this large pumpkin that was more
When one of the vases I had gotten down out of the attic 
seemed to mimic its shape almost exactly, it had to be used. 
I'm not thrilled with how this vase-within-a-vase turned out.
When it is time to replace these flowers I will use a lower
 interior vase so that the flowers can be seen better. 

Although my house is more in the traditional vein, I think 
these gourds and little pumpkins inside of the glass vases
would look wonderful in even more modern or contemporary
homes or even for decorations at Fall parties. 

These little flower arrangements got "bumped" from being inside
of a larger vase when the gourds took their spots.  

I love how these stems turned curly as they dried out.

The bottom of this glass bottle is metal and pops off to make
it easy to put objects inside. These flowers are kept fresh by 
having a small piece of oasis-type floral foam on the inside.

This table runner is one of several that were made for a Fall
after-rehearsal dinner several years ago. Table runners add so much
style and color to a table and yet are so easy and cheap to make. 

The backdrop for this Fall centerpiece is an antique hutch that
Paints.  It helped cut down on the amount of wood tones in
this small area that is almost like the foyer of the house. 
If you like the wreath made onto the chandelier, you can see the basic instructions in the post

This is probably the last Fall that the dining room chairs will
be sporting the gold and orange plaid cushions that they came
with. I hope to make flirty neutral-colored skirts for them in 
the coming year. The chairs might get painted too.

Even though I found out that the wooden buffet
 (pictured below) that is also in the dining room
 is not an antique (and is a reproduction from the 1950's
 probably)  I do love its wood and it will stay "as is".

Another plus to the gourds-in-glass-look is that it is that it
is super simple and quick to do while having a stylish look!
Happy Fall Y'all!

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  1. Hi Gayle, I haven't even been on my blog for about 3 months. But the first thing I saw when I got on here was your pumpkins and gourds in glass. I love it!

    Hope you are having a great fall.

  2. That looks really, really great. I love it when things take off in an unexpected manner because it always turns out better than what was originally planned (or usually does). Love all the gourds and assorted glass containers. It turned out perfect...AND your chair covers are perfect for the setting.

  3. STUNNING Gayle!! I love all the Fall touches you added in your dining room especially the stacked pumpkins in your hutch! Everything looks beautiful!!

  4. Everything is so beautiful, Gayle! You have the best ideas and looks like you had lots of fun decorating for Fall! I love the stacked pumpkins, too! So clever!

  5. I've definitely had projects like this that take on a life of their own, and I find they're the most fun to do and usually come out great.

    You have a lovely glass collection, just perfect for a contemporary, artistic display of pumpkins and gourds.


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