October 1, 2014

Get More Exposure For Your Projects

Do you have projects or crafts that you have done and want to
share them with the world? A website called 
"Cut Out + Keep" helps you get your creativity out there.

It is an online community designed to help you make and 
share step by step craft tutorials or just feature something
you have made and a description of it. 

The site was begun by Cat Morley as a way to share her own
craft projects easily.  Her boyfriend, Tom, developed a system
where step-by-step craft tutorials could be shared on the
internet in a fast and simple way.  

They realized that the system could also be useful to other
crafters and they launched their site in 2007.  Now the site
hosts over 50,000 amazing projects from all over the world
with over 100,000 members. The site is based in Scotland. 

I was honored when Cat contacted me about being featured 
on her site.  She asked me to submit seven projects to run
over the course of a week.  This is my week!

I hope you will come over to "Cut Out + Keep" to see
made especially for Cat's site.  They are complete but
concise tutorials of some of my most popular projects. 

The ones that have been on the site so far this week are

Stop back by the rest of the week to see more!
Click on the "Superstar" tab on the header on the 
"Cut Out + Keep" website. There is also a crafty,
 a sewing, a fashion and a cooking superstar this week. 

You don't have to be asked to be on the site! It is free to join.
There are good instructions on how to make your tutorials.
When you are through with composing your tutorial you pub-
lish it on the site. Folks from around the world will see your work.

 This is a good way to share even projects
 you may have done in the past and want to re-introduce
 to a whole new audience. You probably already have the
 photos so it would be easy to write a short tutorial to go 
along with them.  There are also chat boards on the site.

The site is very interesting because it is truly global and there
are a wide variety of projects posted there: art, decorating, beauty,
recipes, home and DIY, jewelry, needlework, paper crafting, 
sewing, yarn crafting and more.  You can find a category to 
fit your specialty! Cut Out + Keep  also is on Pinterest with 24 
different boards of some of their favorite projects. 

Come on over and share your projects in an easy way
with the world!

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  1. Gayle- That sounds like a wonderful website. I will pop by and check it out in a bit. You look beautiful and I LOVE that dress! xo Diana

  2. How cool is that! Congratulations of being invited. I've checked out one tutorial and heading back to check out the rest.

  3. Hi.... Loved your painted armoire project and could not help but fall madly in love with the crowns you placed atop.... Can u please direct me as to where I can procure similar crowns... Thank you :)

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