November 10, 2014

A Golden Touch Thanksgiving Table

Are you having lots of company for Thanksgiving dinner?
Last year our whole family traveled from around the country
to spend Thanksgiving in El Paso, Texas, with my son, his
wife Caroline, and their daughter, Lilly. Caroline did a great
job of setting a beautiful, long table for everyone to sit
together to eat.  Here are some ideas that she used to have
coordinated look for the table(s) used in seating a crowd.

Even though there were actually two different tables used
for Thanksgiving dinner, Caroline purchased matching
tablecloths to use to give the effect that it was one long table.

Most of the items on the table had at least touch of gold.
That tied all the elements of the table together.

She cleverly spray painted pumpkins left over from 
Halloween in a couple of different shades of gold.
To add even more sparkle to the pumpkins, they even
 got a quick spritz of spray glitter too.  

The ceramic turkeys on either side of the above-pictured
large pumpkin came from the store with 
a touch of gold already on them...perfect. 

The faux leaves came ready to go also from a craft store
with a slight metallic sheen to them.  The leaves continued 
down the length of the table(s) to visually tie them together. 
A long runner would give the same effect.

The small votive holders were golden and amber colors.
Even the mercury glass candle holders had a gold tone
near their base below the silver color higher up.

Gold chargers held Caroline's grandmother's dinner plates
which had gold in the design.  Our beverage glasses had
a golden rim. The napkins' pattern had a blend of orange
and gold colors. 

For place cards, Caroline and Lilly made paper turkeys 
website.  A good idea they incorporated was to use a 
paper that had an autumn design on both sides so that
the person sitting on the other side of the table also sees a
pattern and not a white backside of a turkey place card.

Not only did Caroline set a beautiful table, all of the food
she prepared was just divine!!!

A beautiful golden glow to the dining room was provided by
 God with the spectacular sunset out the dining room windows.
"Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good."
Psalm 136:1

Using only a couple of colors (Caroline used gold and orange)
and repeating elements on a long table will give it a
elegant and coordinated look for Thanksgiving or any holiday. 


  1. The table(s) look beautiful. What a wonderful job she did tying it all together. I love the spray painted pumpkins. We usually have a big people's table and a kid's table here. I am so looking forward to Thanksgiving here this year. xo Diana

  2. What a pretty table setting!! She did a fabulous job making it look like one large table...I love all the pretty accents she added in!

  3. Beautiful table! I would say Miss Caroline is a talented hostess.

  4. Oh my she really did do a fantastic job. Such a gorgeous table and I love her place settings. Beautifully done.

  5. Such a beautiful table...I am so crushing on the touches of gold that seem to be quite popular this season...I am sure your guests will be wowed when they sit down to the table....amazing job..and I love the turkey place card...pinning and this may be a great project for my granddaughter and I as our Thanksgiving dinner is for about 50 people who come from far and near!...

  6. Forgot to say kudos to your daughter-in-law Caroline for the creation of this gorgeous table!!!...I am sure the guests were wowed by this table!!

  7. Soooo pretty! Such a blessing to have so many people gathered at one table!

    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY...

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