January 1, 2015

Favorite Posts of 2014

Earlier this week I did a post on the "Most Viewed Posts of 2014"
on this blog which translates, I suppose in a way, to the favorite
posts with other folks in the world. 

This post is about my personal favorite projects of 2014 that 
didn't get so many "views" but I like them anyway.
In a way I feel guilty picking a few favorites since I enjoyed ALL
of the posts that I did the past year...kinda like choosing favorite 
 children. Most of these are ones that I enjoyed the longest
myself in my life and I get a smile from still. 

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In true "kopy kat" fashion, this past Spring I saw a wreath on a
 chandelier in a gift shop and spent more time than I normally
 would in the store trying to inconspicuously figure out
 how they made it so I could copy one in my own home. 

How To Make A Chandelier Wreath is a tutorial about 
that project that used Spring flowers.  I took the wreath off
 of the chandy for the Summer months but then put the
 wreath back on the chandy and substituted Fall faux
leaves and berries for Autumn decorating. 

In May I organized a fund-raiser for the March of Dimes at the
hospital where I work in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
Several of us nurses made wreaths for a raffle. One of the most
popular wreaths that I made was a garden hose wreath. 

Although I have seen them all over blogland and on Pinterest,
I was surprised how many folks had never seen one before.
After the raffle, I got lots of requests to make more of the 
garden hose wreaths for those that did not win it but wanted one.

They are so easy and, depending on what you add it them, can
be very inexpensive. Here is my tutorial to add to the mix of
those already out there...Tips On Making A Garden Hose Wreath. 

This turned out to be a fairly long post because I tried to give advice/tips/tricks that I learned
by making quite a few.  Also the variety is endless of what you can add to get the look you want. 
Best tip: buy early in the spring for best selection of inexpensive light duty hoses for a wreath. 

Another project that is not original with me for sure is how
 to make your own chalkboards.  Over time I had gathered a 
tray and a couple of yard sale frames to transform into little
DIY chalkboards. I have enjoyed having them so much to
write cute phrases on and then change them easily.

Also included in this post is how to make your own chalk paint for DIY projects like furniture, etc. 

Although I have had very good luck with making my own 
chalk paint at home, I like to try pre-made chalk paints too.
Martha Stewart now has a line of chalk paint too that is
available in craft stores (that is regularly on sale or you can use
discount coupons to purchase...yeah!)

A kind neighbor gave us a pair of pre-loved rocking chairs when
I had to move my elderly parents to my town to take care of them.
I liked the black color that they were but after a few months of 
them being on a covered but outside porch, they needed a new
coat of paint.  I decided to try the MS chalk paint on them.
The brighter rocking chairs make me smile every time I pull 
up to my parent's nearby apartment. 

My final favorite post pick is one that I think will grow in 
popularity 'cause it is just so darn cute. It also is one that I 
had to be snoopy at a store when I saw one there to try to 
figure out how it was made so I could "kopy" it. 

I tried to make a deco mesh topper for my mailbox last Christmas.
It took pictures like a good blogger but it turned out like a mess
of mesh...didn't post THAT one.
  When I recently saw a topper made with the 10" mesh
 instead of the 21" mesh, I loved it.
It's easy! Maybe you'll want to copy it too.  You could make
them for different seasons or occasions even. 

I have seen folks that walk in front of my house stop and "pet" this topper...
kind of like you want to "pet" someone with a crew-cut on the head. 

I had more ideas than I had time to do or write a blog post 
about in 2014...hopefully I will be more organized in 2015
and can get more accomplished! Many thanks to those of
you who read my blog, comment, or "pin" my projects on
Pinterest...it adds so much joy to my life. 

Here is a quote for today that I got from Maureen who 
writes the wonderful "It's All Connected" blog. I wrote it
on my favorite DIY chalkboard:

Happy New Year!!!

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  1. Gayle, I especially love the garden hose wreaths. Happy New Year to you and your family.

  2. That quote looks so great on your chalkboard sign! I believe I will have to copy you once again! I know some blog posts become our personal babies and I'm glad you made sure your favourites got some extra attention. It's quite the honour for me to have a mention on your fabulous blog!

  3. Love those pretty chandelier wreaths! Happy New Year Gayle...wishing you all the best in 2015!!

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  5. Love the garden hose wreaths! Thanks for sharing at HSH!


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