December 18, 2017

Christmas Home Tour 2017

The Christmas Home Tour 2017 at Kopy Kat Kottage starts
as you come down the street. Festive and bright big lollipops
and other types of candy greet you in the front yard. Normally
we don't have snow at Christmas time but we did get a little 
dusting last week here in Alabama. Since it does look more
Christmas-y, we'll look those pictures. 

If you want to know how to make your own big candy for Christmas, birthday parties,
 Candy Crush events or just for fun here is the link "How To Make Big Candy".

Want to know how to make a curly deco mesh topper for your

Each of the six windows across the front of the house has
a deco mesh wreath in the same colors as the candy. 

The front door is surrounded by a deco mesh garland
embellished with more big candy. 

A Christmas tree made of painted burlap adorns the front door. 

Come on inside to get out of the cold!
There is not much of a foyer at the are
practically stepping into the dining room from the front door. 

While the theme outside is colorful, child-like and playful,
 inside this year is mostly whites and greenery. 

Honestly, I am not entertaining much this Christmas so I'm 
not going to pretend to put out a table setting. Two white
boxes are pushed together to make one long greenery 
arrangement on the dining room table. 

The (now) white hutch behind the dining room table also
 has  Christmas greenery in (now) white vessels.

The glare from the old wavy glass in the hutch makes it 
hard to see in pictures what is behind the glass. 
I'll open the doors so you can see what is behind the
glass more clearly. 

Also in the dining room is a buffet.

It holds a large greenery arrangement made of various
stems of holly, magnolia, cedar and boxwood. 

As we leave the dining room...

...a statue on a pedestal also is adorned with greenery.

The largest greenery arrangements are in the living 
room on the mantel. 

We rarely have to use the fireplace. I made this firebox cover with faux log slices. 

I recently got this faux window frame to put in my 
bathroom actually but I am using it on the mantel for now.

The holly and magnolia stems seem to hold up the best.
Artificial stems of red berries were also added to the real.

A single bookcase is to the left of the mantel.

This terra cotta Mother and Child was my mother's.

There is a double bookcase on the other side of the mantel.

Across the room from the large window is a sideboard.

Christmas cards are displayed on framed chicken wire. 

At night when the battery operated candles come on the
room is especially cozy. 

Just a little decorating in the kitchen...

...and at the backdoor.

Thank you for taking time to join my Christmas home tour!

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  1. Love your candy theme, how fun and oh so pretty. your home is so beautifully dressed for the season.

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  2. Gayle-What a wonderful, wonderful Christmas tour. I LOVE the outside of your home and remember when you made those oversized decorations. They have really held up beautifully!!! That is a great idea about the mailbox and I think I will do that next year! The inside of your home is equally beautiful --not as whimsical as outside but more refined. I LOVE all of it!

    Merry Christmas to you...blessings- xo Diana

    1. Thank you, Nan Diana! I think of you when the wind turns the lollipops around and I go out to turn them to face the street again. With the wind coming off of the lake where you are, I'm not sure they would have held up as well these past years!

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  3. Thanks you for sharing your beautiful home all decked for Christmas. Love the snow pics too.

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