December 28, 2017

"Put A Tree On It" Christmas Guestroom

If you like to see cars, trucks, etc. with Christmas trees tied to
 the top, you should come and visit my guest room. There are all 
types of vehicles with trees on top displayed, even on the pillows.

The guest room got a refresh about a year ago. 
The color scheme was inspired by seeing Christmas
 decorations in the red and turquoise color combo.
 Now I have it year-round in the guest room which also
 serves as my home office. The "office" is in the closet area.
Most of the pictures above the sofa came from Hobby Lobby.
The wood look one was made using this method. Click highlighted text for tutorial. 

I already had a red sleeper sofa in the room where overflow
guests stay. It was part of a more traditional color scheme of
gold, green and red when my husband used this room as his
home office. 
This is a "before" picture showing the original wall paint color.
 I was trying out new pictures to go with the new color scheme. 

When I inherited the room, he even let me paint
his left-behind bookcases in there white. 
"Before" picture of bookcases.

Now the bookcases are the main display area for my 
 little vehicles with Christmas trees on top.

I made a display of vehicles with trees on them last year.

It was so cute that I kept my eyes open during the year 
to add other vehicles for a new display at Christmas. 

My best find was two pickup trucks on clearance at
 Michael's at the end of the summer. Also I found a little
 milk truck there that was the colors that I wanted. 

A truck that looks like a wooden toy came from Dollar 
General. The campers and little red car where tree
 ornaments from Michael's this season. 

Everything got some type of paint adjustment to fit into 
the room's color scheme and to look "not too new".

The blue pickup truck was not turquoise enough so I taped off the parts that I did not want
to get paint on. I sponged painted some turquoise paint over the original blue paint. 

The green got painted over entirely and then had dark wax rubbed over it. The base of the 
tree had a cloth sack over the bottom originally. I thought it was distracting so I cut it off. 

One of the blue pick up trucks got painted with two coats of red. The trailers got a completely new paint job.
The gold spots on the little red car were painted over. The milk truck only got a coat of dark wax. 

The trees for the once-blue pick up trucks are made from branches of an inexpensive
 Christmas wreath. The sprigs were snipped off and hot glued together in a tree shape. 

The suitcases from Hobby Lobby used to be brown tones. They got painted neutral tones. 

The bookcase and the sofa make it a kind of narrow squeeze
to get into the room but that's about the only way they fit.

I never found exactly what I had in mind for the curtains for
the one window in the room but settled on this quilting fabric
from JoAnn's Fabrics. The curtains are lined with a tan fabric
on the side that faces out to match the brick color of the house.
To make the thin fabric seem more substantial, I interlined
the curtain panels with a white fleece fabric. 

One of the pillows on the sofa even got a paint adjustment.
The station wagon pillow was a good buy but the side
panel was too orange. It got painted red (the tree and
writing got brightened up a little too).

This pillow on sale at Michael's was perfect "as is".

Jo Ann Fabric and Craft had this cute pillow on sale also.
This room makes me happy all year with the bright colors.
It is even a happier place now decked out for Christmas.


  1. Your guest room is adorable, Gayle! And oh, so trendy! You were certainly thinking ahead of what's now become very trendy with truck décor along with the turquoise color! I think we're seeing lots of what's old becoming new again trend these days and you've certainly mastered it with this lovely, inviting guest room!

  2. I just love everything you did! Thank you for such an inspirational blog.


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