July 4, 2018

Fourth of July Parade

In my last post I shared how I spray painted flowers to go in 
my roadside rescue wheelbarrow to push in my neighborhood's
Fourth of July parade. When it came time to actually get IN the
parade, I decided that me AND the wheelbarrow were probably
too old to make it through the parade route. 

We decided instead to be the part of the bystanders that cheer
on the folks that actually are in the parade.

"We can't all be heros...someone has to sit on the curb and 
applaud as they go by."   Will Rogers

I did push the decorated wheelbarrow up to the parade route
to see and been seen. 

Here comes the police car to start the parade...

It's not the grandest parade in the city but it is fun for the 
folks who participate in the parade and for those of us
you "sit on the curb and applaud as they go by". 

Whatever you did for your Fourth of July, I hope it
was wonderful and fun. 

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  1. Too cute, Gayle! And who doesn't love a parade - especially a patriotic one!

  2. What a delightful parade! Love all the patriotically decorated rolling stock! Your wheelbarrow was a very nice addition to the sidewalk! While I did not fill a wheelbarrow, yours inspired me to make a red, white, and blue wreath with a couple small flags on it for our front door. I managed to find enough flowers in the right colors so I didn't have to spray paint them, but that idea is tucked away for future reference.

  3. What a great community you live in!!! Your wheelbarrow flowers added a lot to the celebration. Do you have any idea where all the three wheel bikes came from? I am thinking that I would like to have one. I love bike riding, but at my age the fear of falling is great.

  4. I just noticed that you live in Montgomery. We lived there for a short while lots of years ago. We are now back home in Gardendale in north Jefferson County. One of my favorite bloggers is Layla Palmer http://theletteredcottage.net. She lives in the Montgomery area. Bet you know her.

  5. With all that is going on in the country, a patriotic parade warms my heart.

  6. What a fun neighborhood parade. I love your wheelbarrow all decorated. Happy weekend!

  7. I liked this idea so much I shared it with my readers. I can only imagine the fun you had on this very special day Miss Kitty!

  8. I love your wheelbarrow full of flowers. Looks pretty for the Fourth. The parade looks fun. Our neighborhood no longer has one but it was always fun for young and old alike. I guess after all the children grew up no one wants to do it any longer. I miss that. Belated happy Fourth.......


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