July 2, 2018

How To Change a Flower's Color

change a white hydrangea to pink

Did you know that you can change the color of flowers, real or
fake by using spray paint? 

For real flowers, the product I like is Design Master Colortool.
This is not an advertisement...it is just a good product. 
You can get this paint at Michael's and Walmart. 

The color comes out in a fine mist and gives you control of
how much or little color you want to add to the flower. 

change a white hydrangea to a pink one

For a wedding I was helping with, the bride wanted pink and
white hydrangeas. It was cheaper to get white hydrangeas in
a bulk order and then spray some of them pink. 

To protect the leaves from getting paint on them, you can put
a paper towel over them. It is a good idea to also cover your 
hand with a plastic glove to keep it from paint also. 

Hold the spray can about 18" away from the flower to keep the
propellant from "freezing" the real flower. 
easy way to change the color of flowers
Ooops! This was probably not 18" away. Luckily it did not harm the flower. 

You can decide how much or little color to add to the flower.
Try to leave some of the original color to add variation, and 
thus reality, to the painted flower. 
spray painted hydrangea

It is almost impossible to go from a dark flower to a light
flower so start with a light color and then add color from there.
If you want to see a Design Master You Tube video on more
tips and ideas for spraying real flowers click here. 

You can also use Design Master on fake flowers. I needed blue
flowers to use in a Fourth of July arrangement. About the most
real looking fake blue flowers are hydrangeas, in my opinion.

I am trying to reduce my stash of fake flowers, not add to, so
I tried spraying some of my green hydrangeas to get blue.
Michael's has a good selection of colors and you can use a
coupon (regular $8/can). This is Larkspur Blue. 
change fake hydrangea color
 This is one of my fluffier (more expensive) green hydrangeas fixing to get sprayed.

make fake hydrangeas look real
This is some less expensive hydrangeas...the individual flowers were pretty spread out
and didn't look very real. I have found that if you gather the flower heads together and bind
them with floral wire, they look bunchier and more real. 

Here are the green hydrangeas that have been sprayed with
the Larkspur Blue paint gathered together in a vase. 
Design Master Larkspur color

I think they turned out wonderful but for a Fourth of July
arrangement, I realized I actually wanted them darker than that. 
There was a darker blue Design Master color but I had thought
 it would make them too dark...maybe not. 

 To save a trip back to the craft store I decided to try my local hardware store for a darker blue spray paint.  They did have 
normal dark blue spray paint but again I was a chicken.
I thought this deeper blue glass paint might be more translucent.
change flower color with spray paint
 This is Krylon Sea Glass spray paint in Cornflower. 

I did not try to completely cover the colors the flowers already 
had but I was pretty happy with the additional darker blue. 
Just for fun I tried it on a pink hydrangea...I liked that too. 

Some of my red fake flowers were looking kinda faded so 
I did get some cheap regular red spray paint to try on them. 

Here is a comparison of before and after with the red paint.
regular spray paint on fake flowers

The flower on the left got a light coating of red spray paint
on the petals. I tried to preserve the details in the center. 

Here's how the Fourth of July arrangement came together...

My container is an old wheelbarrow that a neighbor of mine
was throwing away. I tried rehabbing it with paint and glue.
If you would like to see the rehab process click here. 

The elements of the arrangement are the newly blue hydrangeas,
white flowers (as is), red flowers (some refreshed) and greenery.
arrange flowers in old wheelbarrow
(Sorry about these fuzzy pictures. My camera lens kept fogging up from the humidity!)

To keep the fake flowers standing up my idea had been to put
spray foam into used plastic garden flower containers. 
The only container with dried spray foam that worked was the
large one with the stable base. The smaller ones did not work
 well. They just flopped over with any weight. Live and learn.
spray foam as flower support

Instead of scattering the three colors of flowers like confetti
in the arrangement, I did more of a color blocking method.

The blue flowers mostly had short stems so they went low
in the arrangement. Then I put the white and the red flowers 
on different sides of the wheelbarrow bed. 
Fourth of July arrangement

flowers in a wheelbarrow

old wheelbarrow repainted

repurposed wheelbarrow

Fourth of July decoration

Keep the idea in mind that you can change real and fake 
flower's colors in case the need arises for future holidays,
home decorating or parties. It is easy and fun. 

Here is a good pinnable image if you want to save this
blog post to Pinterest for future reference:


  1. What a clever and creative idea! I love your red, white and blue flower arrangement in the wheelbarrow! Every time I see the color spray cans in the floral section, I'm tempted to buy one to try, but I always chicken out. Now that I see how you use it, I'll definitely put it on my "buy" list! Thanks!

  2. Your wheelbarrow looks great!!! I never thought to use spray foam for a flower arrangement. Thanks for the tip! Have a wonderful 4th!

  3. Using the spray foam was brilliant! The wheelbarrow look great!

  4. Your patriotic wheelbarrow is lovely! Thanks for the tutorial on how to spray faux flowers--I have some that could use a "face lift"! I pinned your image to my Clever Ideas Pinterest board--thanks again!

  5. Very pretty and unique. Have a fun and peaceful holiday.

  6. Thanks so much for stopping by!!! This is amazing and something that i would have never thought of! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  7. Miss Kitty that was such an eye opener for me. I had no idea you could spray paint real flowers. And your wagon is now so patriotically festive. What a wonderful idea!

  8. Great idea! Perfect for a holiday or seasonal arrangement. Visiting from Sweet Inspiration party.

  9. Oh had I seen this two summers ago when doing the florals for my daughter's wedding. I will never look at faux flowers at the dollar store the same again. If I like the flower but not the color, guess whose tutorial I'm going to follow? Thank you, you rocked my wreath making world :)

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