December 26, 2018

Most Viewed Posts of 2018

As 2018 comes to a close, here are the most viewed posts from
the past year on the "Miss Kopy Kat" blog. 

#5 Make a Fake Seltzer Bottle

This post is a tutorial on how to use a bottle and polymer clay
to fashion an item that (at least from a distance) looks like a
vintage seltzer bottle for less than $5 (if you already have a bottle...if you need to buy a bottle it will cost a little more).

#4 Secrets To Decorating With Shells

This post shares tips that I have learned through the years to make
your shells seem like more than they are and to highlight their
beauty. These tips are good not only for decorating your house but
for using shells at parties and weddings.

#3 A Lazy Way to Remove Labels From Bottles and Jars

This post shares tips on how to easily remove labels from bottles
and jars that you might want to use for other purposes without
purchasing a chemical remover. If you have a very stubborn
label, the post shares items you already have on hand to help
get it off. This is a good way to re-purpose glass containers. 

#2 Use Bottles As Vases

This post shares ideas on how to use bottles as vases when you 
might need more vases than you have on hand. There are 
examples on how to use them to decorate your home and how to
use them for parties or weddings as an inexpensive alternative.

#1 $5 Faux Wood Cutting Board

This was the most-viewed post of 2018. I love the look of 
vintage cutting boards but usually not the price and maybe
other folks wanted to know how to get the look at a low price too.
"Faux" does mean fake so to be clear, the wood is fake and it
cannot be used to cut things on...decoration only. You can buy
most of the supplies to make the fake board at Dollar Tree.

I hope that you have a fantastic 2019!

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