January 23, 2019

Orchids Under Glass

For a pretty display on my kitchen table, I decided to 
"kopy kat" an idea I saw in the January issue of  
"Better Homes and Gardens" magazine.

The article explains how to put orchids creatively in 
tall vases. An orchid expert tells how to keep the orchids'
roots healthy while they are in the vases.

I have been downsizing my vase collection so I don't have
the straight-sided vases that I used to. I did find three former
(spigots are broken) clear glass drink dispensers in the attic.

I turned the spigots towards the window so they are 
less obvious. 

I found three orchids on sale at the grocery store on sale 
for only $10 each. 

I had intentions of following the directions in the magazine
for keeping the roots moist while they are out of the pot
and under glass.

The problem was that when I got the orchids out of the pots
and into the glass containers, I loved seeing the twisted and
curly roots. I didn't want to cover them up with rocks, etc.

I did think that the jars needed more orchid medium to not
look so skimpy so I got some more at Home Depot.

To get the new orchid medium down in the bottom of the 
containers in the places that needed it, I used a technique
I learned when I was making terrariums. Making a funnel out
of paper and placing the narrow end where you want the 
medium (or soil) to land in the container, guides it without
getting stuff on the leaves, or places that you don't want it.

Another tip is to to use a cork on a wooden skewer to move 
the medium (or soil) around as needed without trying to get
your hands or fingers down in the glass (and perhaps 
breaking a leaf).

Here are the containers with more orchid medium in the
bottom and around the base of the roots.

The magazine's instructions say to disassemble the orchids, rocks,
etc. every 7-10 days and soak the roots in tepid water then
reassemble them. Because my roots are exposed, I give them about
ten spritzes of water everyday (trying to get to all the roots in the
 bottom of the container) to compensate for any lost moisture.
I move them to the kitchen area for their spritzing so I don't
get water on the wood table. 

So far the roots are staying green and look happy. The 
atmosphere inside the containers stays moist for an hour
or so everyday. 

When the flowers fall off I will re-pot the orchids.
For now I am enjoying not only the flowers but also
the roots of the orchids under glass.

This was a very easy project to copy...you might like to
try it also and give it your own spin!

Here's a good image to "pin" for Pinterest ...


  1. How lovely! I saw this in the magazine. From what I understand orchids are tough to grow. You must have a totally green thumb! xo Kathleen

    1. Thanks Kathleen! Actually I don't grow the orchids...I just buy them when they are flowering at a store. I have a friend I give them to after the blooms fall off and she does have a green thumb. She nurtures them and they do bloom for her again in about a year.

  2. This seems like a wonderful way to display orchids, Gayle! Yours look really pretty! I guess I glossed over that article and will have to look at it again! I have a couple of orchid plants that I've had for a few years. I give them a good soaking maybe once every couple of months, if that. I keep remembering the saying about the best way to kill a plant is to over-water it. And orchids are a strange lot. My orchids seem to be fine. I have them in a sunny room and they get new sprouts and actually flower each year in early spring. And it seems like they're on track to bloom again this year.

  3. Thank you, Gail! I admire you for tending to the orchids and getting them to bloom again. The expert in the article said that orchids do not like for their roots to be sitting in water. You seem to have found a winning formula for keeping them alive and blooming!

  4. What a bright idea, love it, thanks so much for sharing, since I love orchids so much and so far I am not too lucky with them, I will put in practice your excellent idea. thank so much.

  5. What a Gorgeous Idea, I LOVE Orchids, as of yet I haven’t been able to keep one alive Until the Next Bloom season, But, I keep trying!!!

  6. Very beautiful display. Thank you for this alternative idea.

  7. Very good advice and articles and I love the pictures attached to explain each step of the way. I will try it because I think it will really work. However I would like if we don’t have to repot them after they bloom. Ochids are so very very sensitive. I hate to move them to much especially if they like their current position. Thanks again for this article and advice. ��

  8. This is insanely gorgeous. I just bought my first orchid. What is your process of repotting your orchid after the blooms fall off?

  9. Enjoyed this article. I like seeing the tangled roots as well. They like air I find. I'm going to keep my eyes open for nice glass jars.

  10. I have always wanted to grow my orchids in glass vase I think I am going to do it and see how things go. I will let you know how it goes. I live in Arizona and it's hot I am growing them on west side I am growing phalanoapoes and it's time to repot so I am going to do it in the glass vase. I will let you know how it goes.

  11. Thanks for sharing this idea! I have a lot of orchids to repot & may use some of my extra vases! The roots are often so interesting. Great idea to display them!

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