Deco Mesh Tutorials

Deco Mesh Tutorials

Deco mesh wreath and garland tutorials are the MOST popular
posts on the Miss Kopy Kat blog.  Deco mesh has gotten much 
easier to find for the average crafter AND it gives you lots
of decorating "bang for your buck" with not much effort. 
Click on the highlighted text in the description near each
photo to take you directly to the tutorial. 

This tutorial about a spiral or curly deco mesh wreath is the number one most viewed blog
post on the Miss Kopy Kat blog.  It is a huge wreath but easy and only takes 3 rolls of deco mesh.
This post was done in Fall colors but you can pick whatever colors you want to!

This tutorial shows a more traditional deco mesh wreath made on a purchased wire frame
from a craft store.  Making a Multi-Color Deco Mesh Wreath tutorial shows how to add more
than one color of deco mesh to a wreath along with ribbons and light-weight items of interest. 

I christened this type of deco mesh wreath a "ruffle wreath" but I don't know what it's real name is.
I saw a wreath made like these in a floral store and fell in love with it.  Of course, I snooped around
looking at how it was made etc. so I could make one myself and share it with you.
  How To Make a Deco Mesh Ruffle Wreath  shows you how to make a really fluffy and 
ruffle-y deco mesh wreath sure to delight anyone who sees it. A variation on the original ruffle wreath
is "Team Colors Deco Mesh Wreath" that shows how to make the wreath with two main colors.

In Make a Christmas Deco Mesh Wreath tutorial, a wreath with the traditional colors of Christmas
is shown  but really different colors could be used with the techniques featured to make a fun 
wreath for any time of the year.  This tutorial also shows how to use deco mesh tubing and 
how to make a pretty bow from wired ribbon (just in case you need that for future reference). 

Another fun seasonal deco mesh "wreath" tutorial is How to Make A Deco Mesh Pumpkin.
It is made on a circular wire wreath form from a craft store with one roll of orange 
deco mesh and topping of your choice.

A couple of other seasonal deco mesh "wreaths" are made by constructing your own
wreath form from easy-to-obtain aluminum craft wire to make the shape of your choice.
How To Make A Deco Mesh Carrot is fun for the Easter season. 

The aluminum craft wire is also used to make a large heart-shaped "wreath" in

The first deco mesh wreath tutorial on Miss Kopy Kat blog also featured a heart-shaped wreath
made with a purchased wreath form.  The tutorial showed my first attempt at a round deco mesh
wreath too.  They look kinda skimpy now compared to the newer posts done on deco mesh
decorations that have been done but the blog post still gets many views thanks to folks
"googling" deco mesh so here is that first blog post on deco mesh too...

Jumping back to the carrot deco mesh, another way to make a custom wreath form to attach
the deco mesh to is to use floral "chicken mesh"...easy to obtain and cheap...

Another way to use the deco mesh in a very economical way and showy way is to make 
garlands!  These tutorials show Christmas colors but think out of the box for parties or
even weddings...
How To Make a Deco Mesh Garland

Another deco mesh Christmas door hanging is a Santa Belly
"How To Make a Deco Mesh Santa Belly"

Since the deco mesh is weather resistant, it is a good product
to use even on your mail box. Here is a tutorial on how to make
a fun topper for your mail box.  Think of other colors for
different seasons and occasions that could be used.
Curly Deco Mesh Mailbox Topper


  1. how do i add deco mesh curls/swirls to a deco mesh wreath?

  2. Do you have tutorial on a deco mesh Christmas tree I've seen on etsy?

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