Holiday & Seasonal

Some of Miss Kopy Kat's Holiday and Seasonal posts are
tutorials but some just show mantle or tabletop vignettes.
I hope you get some good ideas to use yourself from these posts.

"How To Make Big Candy" is a detailed tutorial about how you
can easily and inexpensively make oversized candy decorations
to use for Christmas or kids' birthday parties.  These decorations
won a Christmas decorating contest in my neighborhood. 

"Make A Christmas Mesh Wreath" shows how to use deco mesh
and deco tubing to make this fun wreath. Also, details on how to
use wired ribbon to make a bow (so many folks ask me to make
bows for is really easy...promise...its also a good skill
to have for wrapping pretty presents too). The same techniques
in this tutorial can be used to make a wreath for any season or
event by just changing the colors of materials. 

"Make a Deco Mesh Garland" tutorial shows how easy and
inexpensive it is to add deco mesh to a linear wire form
instead of the traditional circular wire wreath form.  Make the
base yourself from easy-to-obtain items. Use colors of your 
choice for other occasions or seasons. 

"Make A Painted Burlap Christmas Tree" tutorial shows the steps 
in making your own burlap door hangings.  What seasonal object you choose to design is up to you...the steps are the same. 

"Bottle Brush Tree Mantle"  has a tutorial within the post on how to
bleach bottle brush trees to make them look like the expensive
vintage ones.  Not all modern bottle brush trees WILL bleach well.
If you have that problem too, "Glittered Bottle Brush Trees" blog
post shows you how to make those unbleachable trees useable.

The blog posts "Use Epsom Salt as Snow"  and 
"Mini Winter Wonderland"  show how to use epsom salt, and tiny
houses and people to make charming winter displays. 

Fall-i-fying show Fall decorations from 2011.

Spring Green Mantle has photos of the fireplace/mantle
decorations of Spring 2012

Here are some Halloween vignettes:
This post also includes  DIY links on how to make certain items in this display like the 

This vignette brings together re-purposed bottles with food-coloring tinted water, 
Halloween labels, yard sale/thrift store finds, Dollar Tree critters, old books, and birds and
 hologram pictures from Michaels together for a creepy display. 

This post actually has a collection of easy tips to add to your home quickly if you don't have
the time or inclination to spending lots of time and money on your Halloween decor. 

Several DIY projects came together for the

shares inexpensive ways to make items for your home
(or parties even) to go with different times of the year.
The post features Valentine's Day decor but the ideas
can be used all year 'round. 

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