How To Make Inexpensive Moss Candle Rings

Moss candle rings can be considered cousins of moss balls. They
are constructed in a similar manner but they are a different shape. 

If you can find a small foam ring the size of your candle to put 
the moss on that is great.

Here is how to make your own form at home that you can customize to be the exact size that you need for just pennies. 

Take several plastic bags and start taping them together in log
shape. The length of the log shape should be long enough to
wrap around the base of the candle. 

Get the thickness of the log shape a little less than you want 
your finished candle ring. The moss will add some thickness to 
the finished ring. When you get the plastic bag/tape form the
 length and thickness you want, tape the ends of the log 
shape together and cut off any excess plastic. 

The form in the picture above is thinner than the one in the photo below. You can decide how much thickness you would like.
An easy way to add more thickness to a bag/tape form that is the
length that you want is to wrap and tape more bags going around
 the form (like a candy cane stripe) rather than longways. 

The best mosses to use to keep the candle rings inexpensive are
sheet moss and Spanish moss...especially the latter. 

You can get Spanish moss at most crafts stores. I personally think
that Wal Mart, however, has the best deal on the pretty green
Spanish moss. A large bag is about $7 and goes a long way. 
 Spanish moss grows in trees usually and is a grayish green in its natural state. I actually think it
looks better being color enhanced a brighter green color.  It is a loose moss. 

Sheet moss is more compact and might have dirt holding it 
together in the package. Most craft stores have it in the floral 
section of the store. It is about $5 - $9 per bag but it is usually 
not on sale so it is a good item to use a discount coupon on. 
This is sheet moss. Depending on how big your candle ring is, you might need more than one
bag of sheet moss. Some sheet moss has more texture than the one pictured above. At Jo Ann's
they call the more textured moss "forest moss" is really my favorite. 

To get the moss to stick to your form you will need an adhesive.
Three options are regular white glue, hot glue and spray adhesive.

Spray adhesive has to be used outside and is more expensive than
the other two. Hot glue is not expensive but it is easy to burn your
fingers pushing the moss into the hot glue on the form. 

White glue/craft glue is inexpensive, can be used inside, will not
burn your fingers but it does take longer to dry. I used white glue
for these candle rings and it worked really well. 

Whatever glue you decide on, put it on your form then work your
way around the form pushing the moss into the glue. If you are
having a hard time getting the moss to conform to the shape of 
the form, get some string or twine to tie it down on the form
until the glue dries completely. Then you can cut the string off. 

Tearing and shaping the moss around the ring can be pretty 
messy. Either do it outside or have paper under your project 
area so it is easier to clean up. 

If you have areas that the form is showing through the moss, 
just put pieces of left over moss until the form no longer shows.

You can make and use the rings for more than candles.
They can add interest and soften the edge of other objects.

When you get ready to store the moss rings made with the bags 
and tape, don't put anything heavy on top of them or they will
get squished looking. 

Although I did not try this, I think if you wanted a moss wreath
you could glue the bag/tape form to a firm backing like heavy cardboard or wood to help it keep its shape and then hang it. 

To see other ways to use moss in decorating your home (or for
parties and weddings) click on the highlighted text below. 


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