March 16, 2011

Green Beer

Although I am not a regular visitor to bars, when
 I saw the ads this week for bars that would be serving
 green beer for St. Patrick's Day, I would think 
"How exciting to drink green beer...let's go!" 

 I thought it must be a complicated process to get the 
beer green but guess's the easiest recipe
you'll ever make (well, IF you like beer that is)... 

Pour yourself a glass of beer.  
Add 2-3 drops of green food coloring
 (or a tiny squiggle of green gel food coloring, 
which is what I had on hand).  Stir.  Presto! Green beer!

Lighter colored beers will display the green color better 
than dark colored beers but even dark beers will have 
a nice green head of foam.  Don't ask me how I know this.

 I don't think the food coloring affected the taste at all. 
 Now that I know the secret of green beer, 
I don't even have to go to a bar for some.

Update 2017
My post "Green Beer" was one of the first blog posts I
did back in 2011. It is pretty basic. Six years later I am
probably guilty of too many pictures in my posts so I feel 
compelled to add more pictures.  The "recipe" is still the same!

Pour a beer into a glass.
Love this beer mug I got at Dollar Tree in 2016.
 Obviously I'm not good at achieving a foamy head on a beer. 

The "trick" to green beer is food coloring!
Any type will do...this food coloring pack came 
from Dollar Tree.

Sqeeze in 1-2 drops and stir gently so you won't
ruin your head of foam (if you happen to get one).

If the color is good to you after 1-2 drops of green food coloring, stop.
More than 3 drops per glass  makes the imbiber's tongue start to turn green.

Ta-dah!!! Amaze your friends and save a trip to
a bar to get green beer for St. Patrick's Day.

I'm sharing this old but updated post at
Dishing It & Digging It @ The Stoneybrook House


  1. Thank you so much for joining my party and sharing your green beer. I hope you have a wonderful St. paddy's Day!

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