March 23, 2011

Coloring Flowers with Spray Paint

A friend of mine was showing me pictures of a wedding for which she had done the flowers.  I asked her where in the world had she found the beautiful yellow hydrangea that she had used to carry out the bride's color scheme.  She said that she uses ColorTool Floral Spray.  Now I had seen this at Michael's in the paint aisle but had put the label "super tacky" on it in my mind. 

 When the need arose for me to have pink hydrangea (which were not in season) for a friend's wedding, I decided to try to "kopy kat" her. I was happy with the results and the flowers kept their softness.  Here is a re-creation of how the process went down. 

I started with a white hydrangea 
(you can use other type and colors of flowers too).

I put a "collar" of paper towels over the leaves so they 
would not get the pink color on them.

The Design Master Floral Spray is available at Michael's.  It is about $8 per can but it is usually not on sale so you can use your handy dandy coupon to purchase it.  Of course, I have lost the top (just like I do for my toothpaste too).

I read later that the label on the can says "Keep the can 15" - 18" away from the object".  oooops! I think these pictures will show that I didn't read the directions before starting. 

 I learned that if you spray closer than that, the propellant in the spray can can "freeze" the flowers and turn them brown.  Happily, mine did not turn brown. 

Spray lightly moving your hand in small circles, turning the flower as you spray.

Stop every now and then to allow the flower to dry a few seconds and decide how much color you want . 
You could stop at this point if you like some of the white showing.

With one coat of spray paint, you get translucency.  As you add more paint, the color becomes more opaque.

For realism, I think that's about as much color as I 
would personally add.

And here is your (now) pink hydrandgea.  There are lots of other paint colors to choose from.

This might be TMI but here is a short clip of a person who actually knows what she is doing and the different techniques you can use to spray flowers.

I always hate to see non-professional pictures (like I take) of my flowers because I like to think they looked better "in person".

These hydrangea had more spray paint on them...

...and these had less spray paint on's just up to you! 


  1. What a cool idea. It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland where they were "painting the roses red". Those painted pink ones look very realistic and pretty!

  2. I am like you, I never thought to use this paint before, but I sure will now-they turned out fabulous.

  3. Hey Miss Kitty, thanks for sharing, I didn't know there was spray paint for flowers,what an awesome idea,love it.

  4. Hi Miss Kitty! What a great idea! I had no idea that flowers could be painted. I love the soft pink you chose. I am your newest follower.

    Susan and Bentley

  5. Great job! Love how it all turned out. Beautiful!
    Have a great weekend, Vicky

  6. I never knew you could spray flowers. Thanks for the tutorial. Love your wedding flower arrangements!

  7. Now that is cool! I love how pretty and real it looks. Thanks so much for sharing at my color partay! Enjoy.

  8. Hi! I love this post...who would think you could paint flowers? Great tutorial. Your blog is a blast...I'm following you now and will be back again soon. Thanks for stopping by my blog. ~Ann

  9. Girl, that is some entry way you have! And the flower arrangements are beautiful!

  10. Carmie, I WISH that was the entry way of my house! The flower arrangements were at a country club where the wedding reception was held.

  11. Thanks so much for visiting Brambly and following along. I love the unique design of your blog-it's very attractive. Your post was lovely and the flower arrangements are stunning. Take care.


  12. What an amazing product! It definitely looks better and faster than sticking the stem in a glass of colored water! I'm a new follower.

  13. I'm just curious. How long did the hydrangeas last with the paint because a local florist discouraged me from using them in an arrangement for an outdoor function. I was thinking that the spray paint might would help them look pretty longer.

  14. Thanks for sharing! I want to make a fall wreath with real leaves but wasn't sure how to paint them. Now I know. :)

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