March 11, 2011

Growing Grass for Decorating

A fun, cheap and impressive centerpiece 
(or Easter/spring decoration around your home)
 is to grow grass seeds in a container. 

 I did a "batch" for my daughter's wedding reception a 
couple of years ago (those will be the pictures near
 the end of this post) .

I measured the silver bowls I was going to rent to use 
in the center of the tables and found plastic saucers that 
would fit inside them for growing purposes.

Put non-lumpy potting soil in the container but don't 
fill to the top because as the grass grows,
 it pushes the soil up (and possibly out of) the container.

 Use wheat grass, rye grass or other fast growing
grass...your garden center could recommend one for you. 
 You don't need a lot of seed per container. 
 Some garden centers sell small bags of grass seed in the 
Spring to use for Easter decorations.

Even health food stores carry wheat grass seed in bulk
that you can usually buy a small amount of. 

I lay my grass seed on pretty solid (since it IS cheap and 
I figure it increases my odds of success)...
but only about one seed deep. You can add a thin
layer of potting soil on top of the seeds if you want.

   Water the containers carefully trying not to dislodge the seeds. 
Be sure the potting soil is wet (but not muddy-wet). 

 Place the container in a warm sunny spot.  
Some folks put saran wrap over the container to keep the
 moisture in and help with the seeds' germination.

  I just mist the seeds thoroughly at least everyday
 (sometimes more if I have time and they look dry). 
 In a few days, you will see green sprouts coming up.
  If you have used saran wrap, take it off now.
 Keep the seeds/sprouts moist. 
Rotate the container if you are growing it inside near
 a window so the grass doesn't grow lop-sided. 

 After you have good growth, you don't have to be AS
 careful when watering not to dislodge the seeds
 but still be gentle and DON'T let them dry out. 

In two weeks, the grass is ready to use. At three weeks,
  it is at its peak (provided that you keep it needs it almost everyday since the soil is not very deep). 
Some folks don't like it this can give it a "haircut" with scissors if you want to.

This grass is about two weeks after planting...

This is the final product at the wedding reception in a silver bowl.

 I had an extra grass centerpiece so we put it on the
 candy table at the reception...

...and dropped candy golf balls (for the golfer groom) in the
 grass. You could do the same thing with Easter eggs, etc.

If you would like to see other ways that grass can be
used, you can see my post More Grass Centerpieces.


  1. Thank you for your comment on my blog. Since you didn't have an email to reply to, I am answering your question here. If you go to Martha's website and click on the tv tab, you will see the next week that tickets are available. Select the day and you will receive an email 3 weeks before the date. If you do not receive an email in that 3 week period, time to go back and select the next week available. It isn't hard to get tickets at all. Good luck and come back and visit NY sometime.

  2. What a great idea. I grew this grass several years ago but now I'm inspired to try it again for a centerpiece. The outdoor table settings are gorgeous. The candy table is very cute. I've recently sold some of my apothecary jars on ETSY for a girls candy bar at her wedding.

    Tks for stopping by and your nice comments of my auction centerpieces.

    PS My husband grew up in B'ham ;)

  3. Hi there~ Love this idea- the grass is wonderful and it looks fantastic on the table as a centerpiece!! I love it! Thanks for sharing at FNF! :)

  4. This is a fabulous "green" idea! It looks awesome! Thanks for stopping by & leaving a comment. I shared this on Twitter & I am your newest follower!

  5. I really like this idea! Very cool!

  6. I'm thinking about growing some grass for some centerpieces for a golf benefit. Since we want to use clear, square glass containers, I was wondering how I could hide the dirt. I was thinking I could line the container with moss (facing outward.) I guess I'll just have to try it and post about the results!

  7. Very cool...I love it. Nice to meet you and welcome to blogging. Thanks for joining my newbie party. Please add my link or button. Thanks.

  8. I love this idea and have always wanted to try it. The wedding reception is beautiful and elegant. I'm visiting from the newbie party although I wasn't able to participate this week. I'm a new follower and look forward to visiting often. I hope you visit me as well.

  9. I grow grass one year for my Easter table..loved it, I forgot about it until I seen your post. Thanks for sharing. First time at your blog, I was browsing through blogland and came upon your blog. I'll be back because I'm now a follower.


  10. What a wonderful inexpensive center piece! It is elegant at the same time, I love this idea! That is why blogging is so fun, so many ideas! I am visiting from Debbie Doos and and I am your newest follower, hope you will stop by for a visit and follow me back.


  11. This is so adorable, I can't wait to see your Easter pieces! Found you at the newbie party, I'm your newest follower.

  12. I love the grass centerpiece idea! This may come in handy for me next month as I decorate for our Mother/Daughter banquet!

  13. Hiya!

    I LOVE this... I did weddings for about 10 years and this is a first! What a unique, whimsical idea. I'm sure this was a big hit.

    With easter coming up... I've been actually thinking about doing something like this. I'd love to try it :)

    I look forward to many more posts as I'm your newest follower. It was so nice to meet you at the newbie party!


  14. I love your ideas! I actually started growing grass in a wooden container on my patio and it looks so cute.

    Wanna know what's funny? I'm growing it for my cat! Seriously! Cats love wheat grass (they call it 'cat grass' at pet stores and charge a lot more for it) and I grow it for her. The box it cute and when I give it a "haircut" I bring in the cut off grass for her to eat!

  15. I love grass and i love this idea and actually used fake grass at my wedding for the centerpieces a couple years ago. We wanted to grow real grass but didn't have time. All in all in turned out really cute and I love your daughters centerpieces. I'll have to send ya a picture of mine.

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  17. I am so happy I found your post through Pinterest. I am interested in making some grass center pieces for a ladybug themed party this March. It is currently cold where I am located, could this still be put on our covered front porch or best to put inside by a window? How early would you recommend starting the process? Three weeks? Thank you!

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