April 8, 2011

Slipcovered Bottle

I have been wanting to try to "kopy kat" Sherry and her French wine bottle makeover over at  "No Mininmalist Here" blog.
 I don't have an authentic French wine bottle to try to
 add writing to so I attempted to cover a bottle
 by looking closely at hers to see the details.

               Sherry's bottle is covered in burlap of some kind
 and really you don't SEE the bottle very much.
Another blogger (so sorry, can't remember who) noted that a
Livingston wine bottle looks quite French-y.

  I got my husband to partake of some Livingston wine
 so I could have a bottle to work with. 

Sherry's bottle also had cording at the top and bottom of the bottle so I just got some twine that was close to the color of my burlap.

  I got a yard of burlap for $4.  I ended up only needing a piece
 21" x 12" so I have plenty left to do more bottles in the future. 
 "Drink up, Tom".

I went to Graphics Fairy website to look for a label to copy. 
They were beautiful but too intricate for me to be able
 to transfer onto the burlap with a paint pen.  I just got a French words off the site (which I have NO IDEA what it means) and selected a font on my computer to have something to copy.

Sherry used tracing paper to transfer her writing to the bottle's cover.  I tried that, but my burlap was so rough that I could not see the transfer.  It would probably work better on a smoother burlap.

During the daytime, sometimes I will hold something I want to trace up to the glass window but I was working on this project at night so I used the old "Lamp Under the Glass Coffee Table Trick"...how archaic in this time of Shilouette machines, etc. 

     After I got the main part of the letters on the burlap, I just
              went back over the letters again with the paint pen. 

I thought it would be easier to do the writing before I did the sewing.  I put right sides together and sewed a seam in the burlap to make a tube to slip over the bottle.

To get rid of the excess burlap in order for the cover to fit close to the top of the bottle, I made darts in the cover.

I pulled the pins out as I got to them on the sewing machine.
You could also do this part by hand sewing.

I was hoping to not have to cut the excess material off to keep it from raveling but it was too fat, so I did trim off the excess material from the darts.

The easiest  part of the project: using a glue gun to attach some twine around the top of the bottle.

Use your glue gun to attach the bottom of the burlap cover to the bottle.  I did it in sections so it wouldn't be too much burlap on any one side...north, south, east, west...then northeast, southwest, etc. Don't make the mistake I did and pull it down too tight...that made the writing "droop" in the finished product. 

I stood the bottle up in my box of glue gun supplies to keep it steady and easier to work with. 

               The most time-consuming part of the project:
                 attaching twine to the bottom of the bottle. 
          (My camera battery decided to "die" at this point of the                project but just start attching the twine high enough
       up that you will cover the bottom part of the burlap cover.)

      I tried to keep the glue on what would be the underside
of the twine so that it would hopefully not show as much
                        when he bottle was standing up. 
         You could go on and cover the whole bottom of the jug  
          with twine if you would like to...I decided it wouldn't show.

OK, so now my camera battery has charged up and it is morning and time for more pictures. 
Another tip: don't be lazy like me...take the label OFF the bottle before covering it.  I didn't think it would show through but it does if you look close. 
More empty bottles for more slipcovers.

When I try this again, I would make the writing smaller
 and work to get my darts more uniform.
  Also, the twine could be "aged" with watered down
 brown paint if it looks "too new" for you. 


  1. nice job, love it!! wonderful old world look!

  2. Such a cool project. It turned out awesome.
    I love your lamp under the glass coffee table trick. Never saw it done before.

  3. I love this look and burlap.

    Your new follower

  4. Wow, you did a FABULOUS job of recreating my antique bottle!! I love it. Thank you so much for the mention and for joining my party. Would you mind if I featured this project on my blog?

  5. I forgot to mention that the saying on your bottle translates to "pulling door" in English. I am now following.

  6. it turned out really well!!! and thank you for taking the time to take pictures while making it.

  7. Well, I came over from Sherry's blog and now I'm hooked. I love a good KopyKat...especially one that is real...and I can see you are-otherwise we wouldn't know you left the label on the bottle!;>) I am signing up as a follower. I am a Nana to several little ones and my blog is a bit of foolishness and fun so pop by if you get a chance. Nice to meet you and I am happy I found you! I'll be back! Diana

  8. Just came over from Sherry's blog and I am so glad I did!! I just became your newest follower! What a terrific Kopy Kat I am definitely going to try it! Would love it if you stopped by and followed me back! Martina

  9. Super cute! Very nice job. :) Over from No Minimalist...

  10. Great job!!! Fun project to make! Saw you on No Minimalist.

  11. Great project! It looks really authentic!

  12. I love your burlap covered bottle! So creative!


  13. Very cool project. Thanks to the tutorial, I realized this is something I could try.

  14. How fun! My dad drinks wine from those huge jugs all the time. I may have to take one.

  15. My , am i getting some awesome ideas in bloggie land today! Slipcovered bottle, wow, if u can use burlap, u can use any fabric, right! LOve it!.............Bonnie

  16. Now this is so clever. I love your tutorial. I really need to make one of these. Thanks. Hugs, Marty

  17. Great job what a fantastic idea

  18. You did a great job! I love the wording on it (whatever it says) :) and the way you made it fit the bottle so well.

    Visiting from Debbiedoo's party and am now following.

    Have a great day!

  19. You did a great job! And thanks for the tutorial. I was wondering how to get the burlap to fit the shape.

  20. You done good girl! I love how that turned out. Thanks for sharing at the newbie party.

  21. Great work! I love the lamp under the coffee table technique, very creative! Visiting from No Minimalist Here =)

    -caroline @ c.w.frosting

  22. This is so very clever. My husband would actually love this idea.

  23. Ha, I'm seeing this on your blog before Sherri's! You did a great job. Oh, I'd love to have one of these.

  24. Love the slipcovered bottle! :) To answer your question, yes, linking back with a regular link is just as good as adding a button. I am always pleased when I see that someone took the time to link back to my party. :)

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  26. Love this! Burlap is awesome...so fun to do projects with.



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