April 13, 2011

Volunteer Iris

 I was taking a picture of a "before" of a TOO chippy/shabby plant stand ( I have had for several years and was getting ready to spray paint) and I noticed that the beautiful iris' were blooming in the background. 

They are officially called "perinnials" in that they come back every year (even though I don't do anything for them) but I like to call them "volunteers".  I really like volunteer flowers in my yard 'cause I don't like to plant or water things unless I have to. So I got distracted from taking pictures of the plant stand (getting distracted is a malady that I have a lot of these days) to take some pictures of the iris flowers.

  They were here when I moved into this house so they are well established but they are only show-y about two weeks of the whole year so I have to appreciate their beauty quickly. 

Majestic arent' they?

It looks like yellow caterpillars are crawling out of the center of the flower.

There are still lots of buds waiting to bloom so the show should go on for at least another week or so.


  1. Lovely!!

    I totally do posts sometimes for hops :)

  2. I love Iris. Many times they are all that remains at old homesteads. We started collecting Iris, from J's Aunt Ruth, a few years ago. We had a pretty good collection at the farm and started adding them here, too. They are wonderful cutting flowers as well as being pretty in a garden.

    Thanks so much for stopping by the Back Porch.

  3. Love the pictures of the iris. I knew you were a party girl-I just KNEW it! xxoo Diana

  4. Just wanted to say thanks for dropping by my blog! I appreciate your sweet comment about my table. I love your blog, and I'm now your latest follower!

  5. What beautiful purple iris! I always think of my mother when I see them, as they were her favorite flower. At one time she had about 200 of the bulbs around her yard!

    Nice blog, I enjoyed browsing it!


  6. Your bearded irises are gorgeous. My late father grew many varieties, and I had planted some of his at a previous house. We had to get out of the house in such a hurry that I did not have time to dig up some of them, so now they are gone. I do plan to get some more, because even though they don't bloom long, they are spectacular when they do.

    Someone had planted some amaryllis red in this yard -- I just call them red lilies -- but they too are really beautiful when they bloom. It won't be long now!

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Ellen at http://scribblerunfocused.com

  7. They do look like catipilars (spelling?) are growing on them! Mine aren't this large yet but they are coming up. Ours were here already too. I moved a set after we cut down a tree a few years ago. I hate they don't last that long.

  8. Lucky you for having Iris up already - things are slooowww going over here in the Pacific Northwest.

  9. I am new to this meme, but am finding so many blogs I just adore. Your iris is lovely and I just posted my iris on my other blog. I enjoy both interiors and exterior design and am having a good time finding new blogs.

  10. Your iris are spectacular. My peach one has been blooming. I have a lot that need moving-ah more work.


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