September 22, 2011

Thank U...WUSLU

On the day I awarded my first give-away,
I found out that I had won a give-away myself!

I had entered the WUSLU give-away at
Miss Mustard Seed's blog and was notified by email
from the WUSLU folks that I had won
the MMS pick of the month which was this
darling cloche on a metal stand.

WUSLU is an online home decor company
that offers one deal a day.  If you want to
see other items they have, here is their website:

For now, this cute cloche on a metal stand is sold out.  They have lots of
other unique home decor items, though.

Miss Mustard Seed's blog will be having a give-away
with WUSLU once a month (I think if I remember
correctly) so be sure to check with her blog for
your chance to win her monthly pick from WUSLU.
Thank you to Miss Mustard Seed too!
I will enjoy my new cloche for many decorating purposes.


  1. Great win. Glass and metal...classic combo, well decorated. Enjoy!

  2. Oh - I just LOVE IT! Congratulations -I am just tickled that YOU won! xo Diana

  3. I am so jealous you won! =) Congratulations! Also, I wanted to say thanks for checking in about Lola's health. I answered back on the blog but was planning on replying to your comment as well but of course now I can't find that e-mail. Anyway, she has improved. She still has bad days (like today) but she also has good days too which is nice. She has GERD and a severe protein intolerance (her body can't break down what she eats...or technically just drinks at this age =) so she really has struggled with gaining weight. She had been doing better but then recently dropped in the percentiles quite a bit and is back hovering on the failure to thrive line again. They changed around her medicine and some other things at her last GI appointment though and so hopefully those are helping! We go back again in two weeks.

  4. Hey Kitty, thanks for the comment and following on Curly Willow DIY... I love how you used the floral spray. And congrats on the giveaway win from MMS. I have won a giveaway from her too. Pretty awesome! I will keep in touch as well to see what you are up to. ;)


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