September 30, 2011

Local Celeb Bloggers

I woke up this morning to see Layla and Kevin Palmer
of the popular blog "The Lettered Cottage"
on the front of the Lifestyle section of
my local newspaper. 

Layla and Kevin live in Prattville, Alabama
which is just across the river from Montgomery
where I live.

I first heard of Layla and Kevin when the newspaper
ran a story on them and their blog in 2009.
When I entered the blog world a few months ago,
I became a follower of their blog.

In following their blog, I knew that they had filmed
a pilot for HGTV so I wrote the newspaper,
The Montgomery Advertiser, to make sure they knew
about the Palmer's new adventure.
The newspaper may have already known about the Palmer's HGTV pilot before my letter,
but I'm going to let myself think I was instrumental in the paper doing a follow-up article. 
Here is the entire article if you would like to read it:

Also, the Palmer's are in the new issue of
Better Homes and Gardens "Christmas Ideas".

I had purchased the magazine to see the article
featuring blogger Kate Riley of "Centsational Girl"
because I had read her post about the photo shoot.
(It's funny and so interesting to see the behind the scenes.)

I didn't even know that Layla and Kevin and their
home was also featured in the magazine.

I've never met the Palmer's but if they ever need other
blogger's help on a local project, I would love to
be a volunteer and work with them.


  1. Good for you for sharing their greatness with your local paper. I need to do more of this. I love their work and really admire you for passing it along.

  2. This is what friends are for? LOL! it's so great to be proud of folks we know or come in contact with one way or another..kind words are the best words!

  3. Just let me know and I will stop by and help y'all too:)


  4. I bought that magazine but hadn't gotten through it yet. Thanks for informing us. Now I have to sit down and read it.

  5. They are just the cutest couple. I think they should have their own show. HGTV needs a fresh young, talented couple to spice it up. This was sweet, and I bet you did have a hand in it.

  6. I am so happy for Layla and Kevin! They were fun to work with in Georgia! They deserve all this great press! I hope I get to work with them again!

  7. Wow, that's awesome. It's amazing how the blogisphere is beginning to get some recognition and respect from more traditonal forms of media.

  8. Well thank you SO much for writing the paper! :-D
    I was wondering how they got wind of the pilot, and I'll bet you anything it was your letter, too!
    We appreciate your kind post, and hope to get the chance to work with you if HGTV actually picks this crazy thing up! We'll keep you posted...we should find out any day now! Eek!

    Layla Palmer

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