October 5, 2011


Even though the temperatures where I live don't make me feel like it is Fall, I'm ready to move onto that next season.

                        I finally changed out my mantle decor...
(For more photos of the mantle see my post Masculine Autumn Mantle)

...and even re-did my Autumn wreath for the front door.
(If you want to see the how-tos for this wreath click Easy Autumn Wreath)

Now it is time to do more Fall-i-fying to
the outside of my house.
I painted the front porch urns brown to match the season
 and the front door. The curly willow branches that
 I had resuced from someone's curb last summer really
came in handy to make these arrangements have some height. 
Everything else came from the attic; saved from last season.

Even though the urns do not have the exact matching
arrangements, I tried to make them similar enough with
the materials that I had.
Also, I attempted to make them similar in color and materials
to the front door wreath.

Everything except the curly willow branches if faux. 
Here in L.A. (Lower Alabama), we are not known for our Fall color,
(as a fellow Alabama blogger, Beth @ Unskinny Boppy says "It's still as green as Kermit's ass here").  Everything in the urn arrangements
was just stuck down in the dirt...no floral foam needed.

To tie the mailbox into the front door decor, I wound Fall leaf garlands into the morning glory/passion vine/clematis
mound that has evolved around the mailbox.

There is also a mini pumpkin patch at the mail box too.

(View from mailbox looking to front door area)

The back door area holds the pumpkins that I love to see the most.
I found these "heirloom pumpkins" at Home Depot for $8 each.

The cross on the door is made from muscadine vines.
I bought it at an from an arts and crafts fair from an old gentleman who makes vine objects .
 I added the  (faux) Fall leaves to it.

These are my prettiest pumpkins and I should put them in the front of the house
but I want to protect them.  I have not had a problem with vandals in the past
but just to be safe, they are at the back door.

I love 'gnarly" pumpkins.

The back porch holds the final flowers of summer 
with a mix of Fall.

The big faux white pumpkin was my splurge for Fall 2011.  I pulled the fake-looking
stem off of it and replaced it when  I found a real pumpkin stem in the bottom of a pumpkin
box at Home Depot. I think it makes the faux look more real.


  1. It looks beautiful! Come help me! Thanks for sharing,JoAnn

  2. You did a great job with your Fall-i-fying! It sure looks like fall around there even if it is still green. I love the urns with the tall curly willow. It all looks great!

  3. It looks absolutely wonderful..front door, back door, mailbox and everywhere in between. You did a marvelous job of it! And, I LOVE your front door urns! xo Diana

  4. How pretty! What pretty shots and angles you took as well. You sure are Fallified!

  5. Thanks for stopping by! Wonderful job you've done here, the urns look fantastic. The vine cross is a great piece.

  6. Love it all, but especially the mantel. So dramatic! Lorie @ Reading Confetti

  7. You did a superior job of bringing fsll to your house both inside and out!

  8. Wow! You did such a great job! What an inspiration! I found you via A Creative Princess.

  9. a-maz-ing!!! Love those urns! And your mantle is gorgeous as well!

  10. Your decorations are just amazing! I love your mailbox area!

  11. What a grand Fall entrance! Your urns are beautiful ... good for you for rescuing the branches ... they add wonderful height to your gorgeous Fall florals. I love your *gnarly* pumpkins and your mantel is fabulous! Wow! *Becca* (newest follower by way of Savvy Seasons)


  12. WOW everything looks AMAZING!! Your front is so welcoming and those urns look gorgeous, your mantel looks amazing too! Found you over at FNF and just became your newest follower, would love you to stop by sometime:) Martina

  13. Love your fall decor especially the awesome stacked pumpkins on your mantle!

  14. Wow you have done a wonderful job bringing fall to your home. I love the pumpkin patch at the mailbox, so cute! Your pumpkins in the back look great and I never would have guessed that the large white pumpkin was fake. Great idea to add a real stalk to it! I found you at feathered nest friday, I am now a new follower.


  15. Gorgeous decor... Love the pumpkins at the back .. They look beautiful... !!!

    I have a festival and seasonal ( fall etc.,) decor party going on at my blog... Would love to see you linking your festival/seasonal related posts there... ;-) ;-) .. .The details can be found here : http://liventhingsup.blogspot.com/2011/10/itz-festival-time-2011.html

  16. Wow and wow! Your mantle, outside arrangements are absolutely beautiful!! Visiting from A Creative Princess. Toodles, Kathryn http://thededicatedhouse.blogspot.com/2011/10/chest.html

  17. Wow! your home is decorated so beautifully for fall. Your creative talents are showing big time. Wish I could pull that look out of a hat and transplant it here. Great Fall post........

    The French Hutch

  18. Thanks a lot for linking to the blog party...;-) ;-)... Your participation has made the party even more fun... Hope to see you linking in more and more entries...;-) ;-) ... The party is open up to New year..!!

  19. Great Fall color! Even if you make it yourself, and the front porch urns are fabulous!! thanks for linking with VIF!

  20. Oh my gosh.. this is absolutely stunning!! I simply cannot beleive my eyes.. Wow!! wow!!

    Please come by my blog.. and link into the festive party.. http://coloursdekor.blogspot.com/2011/10/in-spotlight-of-spooks-sparkles.html Would love for you to share this.. :-)

  21. So pretty, great job. It would be wonderful to have you join me at Seasonal Sundays.

    - The Tablescaper

  22. Your mailbox decor is stunning. Very nice fall touches all around. Even your back door looks fab. Love it.

  23. Wow, everything you've done looks unreal. I live in Australia and have never decorated for fall or halloween. After seeing this it's really, really tempting :)

  24. This all looks great! I love the idea of using a real stem on a fake pumpkin. That was brilliant! Thank you for linking up with Home Sweet Home!

  25. WOW!! I love it all, but especially your mantle - AMAZING!! Happy Fall! XO ~Liz

  26. Hi there, everything looks so beautiful for the Fall. You really did an excellent job. Congratulations. I recently found your blog and am now following. Please pop on over and visit my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. I would really like that. Hugs, Chris

  27. Ha!! I'm just now seeing this and wanted to say thanks for the shout out! :) AND, your decor is freaking BEAUTIFUL. Wow. Excellent job!!

  28. You know how to officially "fall-i-fy" your home! Thanks for linking up to The "Autumn Décor" Talent Scouting Party at WhisperWood Cottage!

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  29. Hi there! I found you through Pinterest! I will be your newest follower. Love all your Fall decor and will look forward to this year!!! I am ANTSY to decorate for Fall!


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