October 20, 2011

A Collector's Cottage

Recently I went to visit my sister
who lives near Asheville, North Carolina.
I am always amazed at ALL of the
interesting objects she has in her home.

She loves to go to flea markets, swap meets,
thrift and consignment stores, and yard
sales to find things for her own home
and for her own booth at an antique store.

Every wall and surface has so much to look at.
Some items are even kind of quirky
but they all work together.
Her husband's great grandmother (pictured in white dress on red background)
was a "cover girl" for an early November issue of Vogue magazine
as seen above. 

Our mother water-painted these gardenias (or camellias ?) back in the 1950's.

This time of year
she has her Halloween "finds" out.

Sister wants me to disavow the stencil along the top of the beadboard walls for her.
It was there when she moved in and painting it out
 is just one of those things that gets pushed down the "to do" list.

This print is titled "Dancing Scarecrows".

Her farmhouse-style cottage sits on
several acres of rolling land
which is just beautiful in Autumn.

Her large cutting garden has just a few blooms left.
Here are some zinnas and daisies that she cut from her garden and put out on her back deck.

My sister reminds me of some of my blogging
buddies by finding furniture bargains and
repainting them to sell in her booth.  She also
 makes wreaths and amazing flower arrangements.
This is a pussy willow wreath from last spring.  Right now, she is making wreaths out of bittersweet.

She literally "threw together" this arrangement from things in her yard.

This is a stem of bittersweet.

The front porch of the cottage is
about eight feet wide and covered
so it is almost like another room in the house.

She finds beauty in many different types of objects...even this paper wasp nest.
When our husband's get together, they say we could start a new TV show called "Sister Hoarders". 


  1. I'm having beadboard envy right now! I love the way your sister has put everything together, including her flowers! Thanks for sharing her delightful digs!


  2. Wow! WHAT a collection of items she has. You know what jumped right off the screen at me? That Scarecrow print...That is kinda spooky in a very cool way. Thanks for doing a feature on her place! xo Diana

  3. Everything is lovely but I can't take my eyes off of those walls. Is that horizontal beadboard? I love it! Your sister has a gorgeous home.

  4. Beautiful photos. What inspiration! The back porch pic with the gray cat is lovely!

  5. Hi, Miss Kitty

    I loved your post. Your sister has some great gems. I found your blog from Savvy Seasons link party, I am a new follower. Love for you to stop by www.homesweetbutterfly.com.

    Have a great weekend.

  6. Your sister has an amazing place! I love that porch!!!!!

  7. I love your sisters home! That gallery wall is amazing, not to mention that wonderful porch. I love her floral arrangement on the porch,I love to gather stuff from the garden and throw it together like that.Thanks for sharing.

  8. Your sister creation is gorgeous, and I enjoyed lot in my first visit. Your sister has a gorgeous home, I think she is very talented.
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  9. WOW! How beautiful! I LOVED looking at all the collectible items. It was so interesting and so much to look at. Your sister has a real knack at decorating. Thank u for sharing!

  10. I'm Lovin your sisters wonderful home, Inside, Out & All about~ Thanks so much for Sharing.....

  11. love the decor very nicely done I am a collector as well of many vintage items I love how you made them all work together and love how you mixed in Halloween and fall :) come see what I shared at http://shopannies.blogspot.com

  12. Great photos! Your sister's place looks wonderful =)
    Thanks for sharing. Stopping by from Serenity Now,
    Kelly @ Corner of Main

  13. Gosh! That arrangement that your sister made was gorgeous. I loooove the print of the dancing scarecrows, and I just put up a post that shows a Halloween cat that has almost the same head as your sister's. How fun to see your sister's collection of goodies.

  14. Fun things but a lot to dust. Love the fall arrangement.

  15. It looks like your sister is very talented. I bet it runs in the family. I am looking forward to checking more of your posts.

  16. So loving that metal dress form and the way her wall is arranged! She really has a way with her floral arranging also. The hydrangea is amazing!

    Love all the details, thanks for sharing.

    Just found your blog so I'm hooked. Newest follower!



  17. I even love the wasp nest. Thanks for the tour.

  18. Her home is fascinating and unique! She is a very talented lady. Thanks for taking us for a visit!

    Thanks for linking to Potpourri Friday. You participation is appreciated!

  19. I wish I could visit your sister! Love everything, I don't know how you leave there without talking her out of something! She is very talented!

  20. Her home is simply amazing! Thank you so much for sharing! So much eye candy!

  21. WOW! How spectacular. What a beautiful home and beautiful treasures your sis has. I see she is a minimalist HA! I love that there is so much to look at and talk about..she must never get bored around there.

  22. that cat folk art piece!

    visiting via boogieboardcottage and would love to have you stop by. (and i have a cool giveaway you may be interested in).



  23. Your sister has some great collections of lovely pieces!!

    Thanks for sharing them!!


  24. WOW! Your sister does have some really nice treasures.


  25. So many gorgeous treasures!! Just wonderful! Love the urn of hydrangeas too~ So darling!! Thank you for sharing at Feathered Nest Friday!

  26. Love the porch with all the gourds and beautiful fall colors!!! So lovely.

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