October 31, 2011

Skeleton/Snake/Spider/Skull Specimen Display

I'm getting ready for my trick or treaters with
a Halloween display on my dining room buffet.

A few of the elements in this display have
already been blogged about. 

The items in the framed collage were made to look old in
the blog post Aging Paper.

The snake wreath DIY is in the blog post Snakes On A Wreath.

Spiders in specimen jars were made for a magazine
 copy cat challenge over at Debbiedoos.
 That blog post is Critter Cloches.

The candelabra were from a decorator shop's tent sale.
They used to be gold but were painted a few shades of
bone color to go with their skeleton friends.

To add to my skeleton items, I found these tiny dinosaur
skeletons in the toy section at Dollar Tree. I tried to make
them look like scientific specimens by
 putting them in a glass terrarium.

The snake specimen jars on either side of the wreath were
made easily by putting the mosss, twigs and plastic snakes
simply down into the jars. Actually that was much easier than
the spider specimen jars that were built on the lids of upside
down jars...which do you like best?  

The skulls got a "teeth whitening" with light color paint.
I think it makes him look like he is smiling.

Happy Halloween!


  1. You really went all out for Halloween. It looks great. Your trick or treaters will love it!
    Happy Halloween!

  2. I just love it! Especially the candlelabras with the skelotons!

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