October 6, 2011

Snakes On A Wreath

Remember the movie "Snakes On A Plane"?
I'm borrowing that thought for my blog post title.

I needed to make a small wreath to try out on my
 metal stand and I remembered a blog post from 
 Lori at "Nitty Gritty Pretty"  where she put
snakes on a grapevine wreath...
it looked cool and creepy...I wanted one.

I didn't have a small grapevine wreath so
I tried making one out of over-grown
wild moring glory vines in the back back yard.
Embarrassing to admit, but I had plenty of vines to work with. 

I was only making a small wreath, so it was quick and easy.

  Just get the basic size you need and keep adding vines to get
 more volume. Wrap some of the sturdier vines around sideways
 to keep the circular shape.  To add a little more stability,
I added a quick widely spaced wrap with some floral wire too.

Lori used glossy black spray paint...I only had flat
 black  on hand so that's what I used.

 Dollar Tree, Target and other stores carry plastic snakes...

...just spray paint them black too. 

After the paint dried, the snakes got hot glued onto the wreath.

The larger snake was not as flexible as the little snakes so he had to be twisty 
tied down while the hot glue dried on him.   

Lori's version looked better (the grapevines on her
wreath were larger and looked more like snake bodies
 all twisted together) but here's
is my quickie attempt at "Snakes On A Wreath".
When I was "googling" to try to re-find Lori's post, I saw several stories of
people who had actually found live snakes IN their wreaths on their front doors!

Cost-wise, the snakes were $2. 
 The paint is the $1/can from Wal-Mart.
My wreath was no-cost but grapevine wreaths 
from the craft stores are cheap.

If you would like to see other ways the metal wreath holder
 can be used, click here.  I started out not knowing 
WHAT to do with it and now I've realized it has LOTS of uses.


  1. That snake wreath is a fabulous idea!! Well done!

  2. Ewwww, but what a creative wreath.

    I am originally from Anniston Alabama. Love to see posts from "home" folks.

    Thanks for visiting Dogs and Grandkids.

  3. Well, I would have to have it in the yard but I rather like your snake wreath! Cute I just joined your blog...

  4. Wow wonderful. Love your tutorial too


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