March 13, 2012

Butterflies In A Cloche

It was Spring Cloche Party Time at Marty's 
 A Stroll Thru Life blog but my only good cloche
 was busy being a terrarium at party time.  
What was I to do?

(If you would like to see tips on  making  terrariums, you can click here
to see a blog post I did in January).

Instead of taking apart the plants in the cloche terrarium,
I decided to let the plants come to the Cloche Party too.
Spring butterflies could fill the empty space still
left at the top of the cloche.

 Some twigs from the yard were added to the soil
as perches for the butterflies.

Yes, there are real (dead) butterflies I could have
ordered off the internet and done the several
day re-moisturing process to spread their wings.

In the end, a trip to the craft store was easier and
cheaper and won out...not as pretty but "good enough".

Both packs of butterflies were opened. 
The pack with the yellow background was only
butterflies.  The pack with the pink/purple
 background had items other than butterflies too. 

The most natural looking butterflies of the two packs
were added to the twigs from the yard.

Then the cloche was carefully placed back over
 the plants, twigs, and butterflies.  
That is easier said than done.

To highlight the new additions to the cloche,
it was moved away from the terrarium group and
placed in the living room with a new frog friend.

I tried to bend the little butterflies' paper wings for them 
to look more life-like but they were having none of that.

As I was putting the final touches on this cloche,
I saw two butterflies outside the window spinning
around each other in mid-flight...Spring is here!


  1. These look beautiful! Love what you did with your Springtime cloches!

  2. How clever! I envy your green thumb.

  3. Really cute idea...and a nice filler for the top of the cloche. There is something weird to me about ordering those real "dried" ones from the internet anyway. I like yours! xo Diana

  4. Oh I totally love your butterfly's, how fabulous are they. Your cloche looks amazing, and it is just so inspiring and clever. Thanks so much for joining the party. Love it. Hugs, Marty

  5. Your plant terrariums are really pretty. I like how you added the butterflies. How creative!..Christine

  6. These are just lovely. I have a black thumb, so I am joining your blog to enjoy your green one! :) Patsy

  7. I love your jars and your butterfly cloche is adorable. Chock full of fantastic ideas here on this blog. I'm glad you came to visit me tonite. I'm going to peek around here now :)
    Have a great week!

  8. Your cloche looks wonderful with the butterflies! You always have the best creative ideas!

  9. The butterflies add a special touch...I love them! You're inspiring me to try some terrariums!
    I wish I had a good spot near a window like that!

  10. The butterflies are just darling in your beautiful cloche.


  11. So pretty! The butterflies fit in perfectly. I'd love for you to share this at the Make it Great Party at Etcetorize this week. ( Party starts tonight~

  12. Really cute! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

  13. Oh I love this! I had a similar idea, but mine didn't turn out nearly as well. I added a link back from my post to this one so that people could see a better example of what I was attempting to achieve. ;)


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