March 8, 2012

Is Her Grass Greener Than My Grass?

I'm sure you have heard the saying,
"The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence."
A friend of mine and I both grew grass for a party.
When my grass and I got to the party to set up,
I realized that her grass was different from mine.

Not that it mattered, but she had grown wheat grass
(pictured above) and I had grown rye grass (below).
Did hers look better than mine?
Did I wish I had grown wheat grass too?
Was her grass the proverbial "greener" grass?

The wheat grass has a thicker blade than the rye grass.
The reason I am sharing this info is that I didn't think
about the different types of grass having a different look
and with folks growing grass for Easter decorations
this time of year, they might have a preference.
Here are some photos of each type:
Wheat Grass

Rye Grass

Wheat Grass

Rye Grass

My rye grass also looks floppier than her wheat grass.
I think that is primarily due to the age of the grass.
I'm always nervous that the grass won't be ready for
a scheduled party in time so I usually start my grass
about three weeks ahead of time.  Her wheat grass
was only two weeks old.

The photo below shows the grass seeds being grown in the
containers they were going to be used at for the party.  At 
first I did not put soil on top of the seeds but after a few days
I could not see the seeds "doing" anything so I did put a 
thin layer of soil on top to help keep the seeds moist. 
  The pots at the top of the photo do not have their top coat of soil yet.

After a few more days, the tiny sprouts started coming up.
They probably would  have sprouted without the extra soil too.  People do it both ways.

When you are using containers to grow the grass seed that do not have drainage holes, 
be sure to not water the soil too will "drown" the grass.

I just love watching the new blades come through the soil.

"I like it when a little tuft of grass grows through a
crack in the sidewalk. It's so heroic." George Carlin

You can tell when more blades are going to break
through the soil when the it starts to rise up like cake batter.

Sometimes little clumps of dirt stick onto the blades.

"Let my words fall like rain on tender grass." Dueteronomy 32:2

A few blades wear the tough outer portion of their seed like hats.

"Until man duplicates a blade of grass, nature can laugh
at his so called scientific knowledge." Thomas Edison

This shows my grass "babies" sunning by the front door
at about two weeks old.  This was probably their peak.
I have had batches of grass that I was glad I had three
weeks for it to grow...who knows?

A few of the containers of grass were stunted and a
different texture than most of the group.  I wondered if
something in the make up of the metal container leeched
into the soil and affected the grass.

A solution to floppy grass is to give it a "haircut".
Before haircut

After haircut

"I believe a leaf of grass is no less than the journey-work
of the stars." Walt Whitman

The day after the main party the grass was grown for,
I got them an invitation to a bridal shower so they
could show off their cuteness to more people.

"I asked the waiter, 'Is this milk fresh?"  He said, 'Lady,
three hours ago, it was grass.' " Phyllis Diller

The grass may look greener on the other side of the
fence but it still has to be mowed. 

The first blog post I ever did was a tutorial about growing grass for decorations.
If you would like to see it for "how to",  here is the link:


  1. What a cute post. Isn't it amazing how different each grass looks? Kind of like fraternal twins where you think they SHOULD look alike, and they do somewhat, but each one is unique. I love going to a gathering where grass is used as part of the centerpiece. NICE JOB! xo Diana

  2. This is adorable! I think they both look great! I have never grown grass as a decoration, but I might have to now!! Love how it looks against the wood of the hutch!! Bonnie ;)

  3. The grass looks fabulous. I love your containers. Great display. Hugs, marty

  4. I've got some seed started right now, have been spritzing it for 3 days. It's rye but now I'm thinking maybe i should have done wheat! Oh well, it's just for fun and I can try the wheat next time. Your close-up photos are so beautiful!

  5. Oh wow! It looks like fun at your house. I love your grass and the containers you used. :-)

    P.S. I loved the floppy grass.

  6. Love your post! I have never grown grass like this but it looks so pretty I might give it a try soon!

  7. Okay, now you have inspired me to grow grass indoors. If nothing else, the cats will like eating it no matter what colour I choose. Yours is beautiful! ~ Maureen

  8. I LOVE this idea!!! My boys would love it and I know my cats would LOVE it! Thanx for coming to the party and sharing! We are going to have to try this out!

  9. Who knew grass could make me so happy? I just love the simplicity of your diplay, gorgeous!


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