April 1, 2012

Fresh Flowers For Your Door

Although most of us (myself included) use
faux greenery and flowers in wreaths and baskets
for door decor, there is something special about
having fresh flowers on your doors occasionally.

Recently, a friend asked me to make fresh flower
arrangements to use on her front doors for a
bridal shower that she was having.  I took pictures
of the process to share with you for such a time
as you might want to have fresh flowers for your door, too.

If you want your flowers and greenery to not wilt,
you will need to get floral foam specifically made for fresh
 flowers. Look for words like "oasis", "fresh",and "wet".
You will soak the foam in water before beginning.
 Beware of words like "desert", "silk",
"dried" on the foam packaging...they will not soak up water
and will not keep the cut ends of your stems wet.

The door hanging containers that I used for this
project were metal baskets that I had purchased at
Hobby Lobby last year and painted over the previous
 blue color with whites and creams to use for a wedding.
Trim the wet floral foam to fit in your container...it is very easy to cut.
I like to leave some of the foam sticking above the rim of the container
so that I can angle some stems down slightly and their stems still be in the foam.

Baskets made for hanging on your door will typically
be flat on one side and have a handle. Woven baskets
are also pretty on doors. If you use a woven basket to hold
your flowers, you will need to use moss to hide floral foam.

With so much blooming at this time of the year, you
might have plenty of flowers and greenery in your yard
to use in the door basket that you can just cut.
 My friend wanted roses, etc. so I got the flowers at Costco.
I did cut some greenery and bridal wreath (spirea) from the yard also.

With the daisy mums, I cut them at a spot on the stem
where it doubled the amount of stems I had to work with.
The resulting shorter, bunchier flowers were used in the
front of the arrangements and the remaining longer stems
were used for height at the back of the basket.

Always cover the visible wet floral foam with greenery
and/or flowers.  Here I am showing the foam in the
 back of the basket being covered also since she had
beautiful glass doors and the arrangement would be
seen from both sides.

When you are sticking the stems in the foam, make sure
that you do not push the stems through the foam.  The
end of the stem needs to be within the foam to have
a water supply and be able to stay fresh.

We hung the baskets on her door with decorative
door hangers from Michael's.

I had some flowers and greenery left over from
the door baskets so I also made a quick vase
arrangement for the shower.

This arrangement is not that special but I did get some
nice shots of the bridal wreath spirea from my back
yard that was used as greenery with the roses.

My friend reported that since the flower baskets did not get
 direct sun on them, that they looked pretty for several days
outside on her door.

Fresh flowers look great on our
front doors any time of year.

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  1. Your flowers on the door are delightful...love the tut...looks so springy

  2. Your flowers look absolutely gorgeous. I love the baskets especially. Thanks for sharing at the Bunny Blog Hop.

  3. I have always wanted to do this but never have. Just beautiful and what a nice friend you are! Thanks for linking to our party too...I really appreciate it!

  4. They look beautiful. How impressive, roses, lots of roses at the front door. You go girl! Richard from My Old Historic House.

  5. What a perfectly lovely, "Hello!" Your flower display is so fresh and delightful for Spring. I'm sure your guests will really appreciate your inviting welcome. Have a fantastic Easter week.

  6. Beautiful arrangements and great tutorial. You've inspired me to put fresh flowers in the basket that hangs on my front door!

  7. Those are just beautiful. While I like dried/silks I LOVE fresh flowers. Not only are the door hangings beautiful so is the floral vase. xo Diana

  8. Your little flower filled tins are just gorgeous hanging on your pretty doors! Thank you for the tutorial too. I have that same little tin and it's completely empty! I must change that.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. Wow, I love this! The roses are gorgeous and your photos perfect!
    And I think I'll copy your grass wreath idea next Valentine's - have lots of such yarn in red! Great idea :)
    (Thanks for stopping by!)

  10. How pretty! I love your double doors and the double arrangements are so refreshing to be greeted with!

  11. Very beautiful! For a special ocassion that is a great idea!! So Springy and great for Easter! Love them!

  12. Beautiful idea! You have so many great ideas on your blog! I came your way from "my unmade bed" blog. I read your tumor comment on her about page and commented underneath for you. Then I wondered if you'd ever notice it ;) so now you know it's there :) I'll be back!

  13. Oooh, so decadent! They look beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing at Etcetorize~

  14. Oh my, what an ambitious project! I've never done anything with fresh flowers except put them in a vase. These are absolutely gorgeous! I also love that spirea, I'd like to hunt for that to plant in my back yard!

  15. How beautiful! I bet they smell wonderful also!

  16. Miss Kitty,
    These look amazing! I thought for sure they were silk bc they looked so perfect, but then I realized the perfection was in the placement and arrangement of each stem --- and that was all your doing!!

    You are so talented.

    Your friend must have been thrilled! They turned out spectacular.

    Thanks for sharing!

  17. Wow, I love the containers and the mix of flowers you used for the arrangements. So pretty!

    I am linking from The Polo House!
    ~Ricki Jill

  18. Your arrangements are so beautiful! I saw this posted at the CSI Project Party and said to myself, how did I miss this wonderful post by Miss Kitty? I didn't realize it was from last year. It is so fitting for the theme on CSI! You are so creative and talented!


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