June 11, 2012

Five Art Print Giveaways

When I was recently cleaning up for company coming
over, I re-discovered some art prints that I have had
for a while. We have moved to a smaller house since
 I purchased the prints and I've realized that
now we just don't have the wall space
 to frame them, hang them  and
enjoy looking at them like I had planned.

Since I would love to pass them along to someone
 who has room for them and could enjoy them,
I am having five giveaways for these prints. 
 The first four giveaways are prints of art that is
in the the Museo del Prado in Madrid, Spain.

The Museo del Prado is the main Spanish national art museum.  It houses one of the
finest collections of European art from the 12th century to early 19th century.

Giveaway #1
Keeping it real here...all these prints have been rolled up for a while and
 need weights so I can photograph them for you. 

This print is a reproduction of "El Quitasol" (The Umbrella)
painted by Francisco de Goya in 1777.  The print is 32" x 24".

The original oil on canvas was painted as a "cartoon" to be used
by tapestry weavers to create tapestries for the Queen of Spain
 in the dining room of her castle.  She called on
the Spanish artist, Goya, because she wanted the room to
have cheerful tapestries.  If you would like to see other cartoons
that Goya did click here and scroll down the page.

This would be a good print to try the technique of
 good brush strokes built into it and even some crackling.

Giveaway #2
These are prints of lithographs done by cartographer
George Braum of different towns in Spain. 
They are 21" x 18" with the colored area of
the print being 17" x 13".  The prints depict scenes
from the 16th century.  The original lithographs have
a crease down the middle (were they folded or
in a book?) but there is not a crease IN the print.

Alhama is in the Granada Province of Spain.  It is the site of natural thermal springs and
was an ancient spa area that travelers would come to visit.

Santander is a historical port city situated on the north coast of Spain.

Hispalis is the Roman name for what we now call Seville.  It is the 4th largest city in Spain.

Please note that these three prints have a slight crease on the left side.

Giveaway #3

This print is from "Hunting Meleagro" by French artist
Nicolas Poussin.  The whole print is 21" x 18" with
the colored part of the print 15.5" x 11.75".

This print has a crease at the bottom of the print which may not be noticeable if it is framed under glass.

Giveaway #4

Two prints of works by the Flemish artist Pieter Breueghel.
He was a Renaissance painter and printmaker who
is known for his landscapes and peasant scenes.
This one is called "Country Scene"

This one is called "Village Scene"

Both of these prints are 21" x 18" with the colored area 15.5" x 11.25"...and oops...a crease on one side.

Giveaway #5
not from Museo del Prado
This is a set of four 25" x 19" posters depicting vintage
baseball items.  The white border is 1/2" each side.
The box they came in is not in good shape but the
posters are in pretty good condition. They have never
been framed and exposed to light very little.

The posters are made from the negatives of the photographs
that were taken by "Life" magazine photographer,
Henry Groskinsky of baseball memorabilia that is
in a private collection.

  This print is called "Antique Fan Fare".
 There is information included with the posters
that describes the items in the photographs.

This poster is called "Rare Treasures".

This poster is "The Babe's Memorabilia"

This poster depicts Babe Ruth and "The Called Shot".
These posters would be fun for any baseball fan young or old.

Just leave a comment below of which giveaways you
would like to be entered into (all or specific numbers).
The winners will be selected at noon on Friday,
June 15th by Random Number Generator.
I'll update this blog post with the winners and
then get the prints to them as soon as possible.

Update: the winner is Amanda!



  1. Giveaway #5 is great!

    Vidya @ Whats Ur Home Story

  2. Hi!
    Thanks for visiting tonight! So glad I popped by for a visit! My little baseball player who is 8 would love these posters in #5!! I think I've made it in time for the giveaway?!
    ps. I LOVE your cabinet color...AND Garden and Gun Magazine:)


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